What do you need for a mortgage?

10-15 years ago, young families could not even own an apartment. Now the banks have introduced into our lives such a phenomenon as a mortgage, with its help you can buy a home. Yes, this is due to the payment of interest, with the inability to sell or exchange an apartment, but still this is a real opportunity to have a roof over your head. The main thing is to understand what is needed for a mortgage, and to imagine in advance whether it is you who can issue such a long-term loan.

Choosing a bank

The first thing you need to do is decide on a bank. Study the mortgage terms of several banks, they have different percentages of this loan. If you summarize, the mortgage interest rate is from 10 to 20, and this is strongly reflected in monthly payments. Really evaluate your ability to pay and select the appropriate interest and bank.

Only in a personal conversation in the bank can you tell about everything you need to take a mortgage. Also, each bank has a different minimum down payment. This may be 10, and maybe 15 and even 20 percent. And one more significant difference in banks is the number of documents required.The largest package you have to collect for registration of social mortgage, because the percentage is from 8 to 9.8. All these factors need to be carefully weighed and only then decide which bank your next 10-30 years will be associated with.

Package of documents

If you are a buyer, then you have to prove to the bank that you are a solvent borrower. It is very important to understand when analyzing what you need to get a mortgage. You must have a permanent job where you have worked for at least 6 months. This is confirmed by a certified copy of your employment record. Some banks also require a copy of the employment contract, where it is shown that the contract is indefinite. This gives the bank a guarantee that tomorrow you will not be fired, and you will regularly pay. The second document you will need to receive is a certificate of salary for the past six months. The size of the loan will depend on the size of the wage Some banks require a certificate 2NDFL, and some - in any form indicating the position and salary, certified by the first person of the company. And the third document is a photocopy of your passport, all its pages, regardless of whether there are records on them or not.If you have everything in order with these documents, then the mortgage is completely accessible to you. What the bank needs to know to resolve the transaction is information about your future apartment.

Information about the apartment

A bank consultant will ask you to tell you what apartment you have chosen. Indeed, in the event of your insolvency, the bank will have to sell it in order to return the money. Therefore, you will need to tell the seller what you need to get a mortgage to you and give him the money. This is a plan of the apartment and its cadastral passport, certificate of the appraiser, which the bank will offer, for a clear idea of ​​the real market value of the apartment. Further, the seller in the bank will need to bring a certificate of the absence of debts on rent.

After examining all the documents submitted, the bank decides on a mortgage loan or on refusal. You can be denied a mortgage when your solvency is not confirmed, the apartment itself did not suit you, or you already had a negative credit history.

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