When my daughter goes to school, I will be over 80 ...

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Looking at the photos of a happy 78-year-old Emanuel Vitorgan with my newborn daughter, I have dual feelings. On the one hand, I, like any normal person, enjoy the happiness of a couple that has finally become parents. On the other hand, I understand that we are talking not only about a particular case, but also about a rather controversial tendency - the transfer of paternity to a later date. And this trend scares me.
All the advantages of conscious paternity, male maturity and the readiness to engage in a child are broken down into several very important factors that need to be known.
The first factor. Genetic disorders. With age, their risk increases greatly. If the future dad is over 50, the risk is tangible: 10-12% versus 2-4 on average for the population. Further more. In fact, an elderly father is a powder keg in terms of “something goes wrong.” It is clear that now some anomalies can be traced in the early stages of pregnancy. Of course, there is hope that everything will be fine. And if not?
The second factor. Mental disorders. In addition, not all violations are detected during examinations of a pregnant woman, some of them may occur some time after birth. Scientists have found that the genes responsible for mental functions are most susceptible to disorders. It is more likely that the child will have mental problems in the form of bipolar disorder, hyperactivity syndrome, autism, suicidal tendencies, etc.
The third factor. Health problems with the father.The weakest link in the decision about late paternity, it seems to me, should be the fact that the child needs not only to conceive and give birth, but also to grow. Ideally, the parent should accompany the child to school and college, to give him an education. But in fact, the chance to live at least until the wedding of his own daughter for men is significantly reduced. “I understand everything perfectly: when my daughter goes to school, I’ll be over 80, and when she wants to get married, I’ll be over a hundred years old,” Vitorgan senior says honestly. By the way, only 26% of men live to 80 years. Up to 100 years is only 0.5%.
Fourth factor. Psychological problems of different generations.
No, you can say anything, about the joys of conscious fatherhood,but in essence, if 20 years of difference between generations are only a small obstacle to understanding each other, then 50 years of difference is a whole gulf. This gap is due, above all, physiology. All the senses, the nervous system, the brain - it can not all in 60 years to work as in 20 years. That is why we like different music, we watch different shows, we have different authorities and idols. And the further we are in terms of age, the more effort is required to understand each other.
The fifth factor. Financial position of parents.
Let's speak honestly again. If we exclude particular cases when our compatriots married impressive Egyptian millionaires, after a certain age, the financial situation of a man worsens. The reason for this is one - a pension. Of course, this problem can be somewhat mitigated by savings for old age. But we all have seen many times that in our state and this safety net does not always work.
I am sure that in the family of Emmanuel Vitorgan all these factors were taken into account. But this is not the most ordinary Russian family. And it’s probably not worth taking an example from them.
I am not that opposed to the birth of children from elderly fathers. But I am sure that each of the points I listed should be thoroughly thought out by the future father before the child is born. And of course, this responsible and complex decision should not be made solely on the basis of the men’s prizes "this woman should be given birth quickly, and a man and an 80-eagle!". This, to put it mildly, is not so. No need to deceive yourself.

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