When do you need to put gifts under the tree?

Who does not love? It seems that such people do not exist! Regardless of age, everything is magically in mid-December, they begin to update the stocks of Christmas toys, look at the green beauties, think over the New Year menu and, of course, choose gifts. Children are overflowing with special magic. To find Christmas gifts under the tree, they are ready all December to be the most obedient, diligent and careful. Because it is precisely at this time that the parents now and then remind them of Santa Claus, who walks and looks in the windows of houses, calculating naughty children. Such a fairy tale must have a sequel! Therefore, in every house where there is a child, Christmas gifts under the tree appear unnoticed. Every year this magical Grandfather Frost entrusts this very important mission to very real parents of very curious children. But the question of when to put gifts under the tree, often baffled. Understand it easy!

child writes a letter

Tale for a child

A good tale is one with a happy ending! The child will be happy to tell parents what gifts he wants to find under the tree. But what does mom and dad have to do with it if Santa Claus brings long-awaited toys? And how will he know all the wishes? Magic mail has not been canceled! You need to hand the kid paper and pencils and wait for a work of art. If he still does not know how to write, mother's and father's help will be just the way.

Magic letter

When a letter is written and packed in an envelope, you can put it on the window or hang it on the Christmas tree. By magic, the contents must be known to the addressee. This option will save the masterpiece by heart.

In addition, in many shopping centers Santa Claus and Snow Maiden accept babies before the holidays. And if the child hands them a letter, they will play along with it with pleasure. And if the baby personally voices his wishes, he will wait for the gifts with even greater impatience.

Gifts for the New Year

Secret instructions for storing children's gifts

Perhaps this is the only case where people have learned at least something from the mistakes of others: everyone buys gifts in advance. This rule can not be broken! Besides him, there are a few more:

  1. Best of all, Christmas gifts under the tree look beautiful in the package. There are two options: pack in the store or buy paper and do it yourself.
  2. In order not to get caught with gifts, it is best not to keep them at home. Based on their own experience, most adults understand that all cabinets, mezzanines, dressers and dressing rooms will be searched as soon as the child is left alone at home.
  3. If the gift is still kept at home, you need to put it in a thick unsightly package, you can even garbage. The main thing - caution and good memory, otherwise the gift may not be under the tree at all.
when to put gifts under the tree

mission Possible

It’s half the battle to find out what the child wants, to acquire and keep a secret gift. It's time to talk about how to put gifts under the tree unnoticed. Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain.

Traditionally throughout the Catholic world, every Christmas, millions of children find gifts under the Christmas tree in the morning. We also have a tradition to give most of the gifts just on New Year's Eve. Even preschoolers on this night take their cue from adults and sit until the last, until sleep falls down completely. And here again saves the creativity of parents, who from generation to generation pass on the established family traditions.You do not know how to put gifts under the tree? It's time to remember childhood. Memory will prompt the basic rules:

  • magic always happens when the child is not in the room where the Christmas tree is;
  • adults like New Year's Eve are asking children to help in the kitchen;
  • after the chiming clock, everyone is running to launch a salute, and only mom or dad are the last to leave the house.

It is at these moments that gifts appear under the tree.

children with gifts

Children like the Christmas fairy tale so much that even when they grow up and begin to guess how gifts appeared under the Christmas tree, they still continue to believe in it. And as adults, they attach to her and their kids.

Unchanged traditions

As often trying to appease their children, parents forget that in the New Year it is common to exchange gifts. And this means that the child should be taught not only to order and wait for the desired toys, but also to prepare gifts for the whole family. And let it be small cards with wishes or drawings, but the child will understand that the New Year is a holiday for both children and adults.

Tale for adults

It is always nice to receive a small gift from your beloved grandchildren and children.Especially nice when the gifts are made with their own hands. A few ideas will help you figure out how to make a gift under the tree yourself:

  • The most popular gift is a paper card with an applique or pattern.
  • Favorite grandmother will love homemade toys on the Christmas tree in the form of figures from the imprints of the legs and palms. This may be a snowman painted on a plaster sole, or Grandfather Frost’s face on a small palm.
  • Older children will be able to build a New Year's topiary in a small flower pot or a decorative Christmas tree made of sweets.
  • You can also borrow the western idea of ​​gingerbread, decorated with glaze and packaged in a beautiful wrapper.
  • A great gift for everyone would be a great idea for everyone - a jar of wishes. It can be decorated with Christmas tree twigs, cones, cinnamon sticks, Christmas decorations and rain. Inside put the leaves with printed wishes, jokes and just clever thoughts. With such a gift, it's fun to celebrate New Year with a big company.
gift exchange

Be sure all gifts should be with tags, which contain the names of relatives.Otherwise, how will they understand what gifts under the tree are intended for them? And if you create a little fun and come up with a fun game, then “diving” under the tree for your gift will be very fun.

Happy exchange congratulations

So, when you need to put gifts under the tree for the child, figured out. They also mentioned that the baby should take care of the congratulations of all the relatives. It remains to come up with how fun to exchange presents.

It will require absolutely all the talents of relatives. Songs, dances, jokes, poems, funny stories and even horror stories on New Year's Eve will be very relevant and interesting as ever.

New Year's entertainment

Gift Exchange Ideas

The main condition for the exchange is that a gift is prepared for each participant, and everyone is ready to have fun from the heart. In advance, all guests can be warned that there will be an exchange of gifts, but not to talk about how it will occur. It is best to distribute who will exchange with whom. Here it is not necessary to prepare expensive gifts. It can be ordinary cute trinkets in the form of trinkets, figurines and other trifles. The basic rule is that a gift can be received only after the completed task.All tasks you need to write on the sheets and put in a jar. Taking out the leaves in turn and completing the written, the participant receives a prepared gift. Here are some options for fun tasks:

  • To portray the sounds of animals. It can be grunts, croaks, meows and so on. The main thing is to do it naturally!
  • Show a parody of one of those present so that everyone will recognize him.
  • Recall the funny story that happened with the assembled company.

To make the process of exchanging gifts completely unpredictable, all these options can be mixed. Then exactly the next giver will not know what to expect.

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