Where did Santa Claus come from: a story for children

Where did Santa Claus come from? The answer to this question interests not only children, but also adults. In anticipation of the emergence of this fabulous image will be informative for all readers.

Pagan traditions

Our ancestors in ancient times worshiped many gods at once. Each image was responsible for a certain element or action. For example, Perun was considered the main deity and was otherwise called the Thunderbird.

Svarog according to legend was responsible for all the gods who led the natural forces. Morozko was a similar character in those days. He was responsible for the weather in winter. It was believed that this deity gave the Slavs a sparkling snow and celebration with the onset of cold weather.

where did Santa Claus come fromPeople firmly believed that during the attack of the enemy troops, it was he who did not allow them to move forward, freezing everything around. According to legend, this deity created such ice that could not be cut even with iron axes.

Fight against paganism

After the arrival of Christianity on the Russian lands, active propaganda of the new faith began. The struggle against paganism was waged with all its forces.In those days, the image of Morozko was drastically changed, making him a negative hero.

According to the legend, he turned into the Great Elder of the North, who came to different settlements and severely froze people. One of these tragedies is described in the work "Frost - Red Nose", which belongs to the pen of Nekrasov.

In the poem, the Great Old Man froze the lonely mother in the forest without regret. Because of this tragedy, several children were left orphans, they had to overcome many difficulties in order to survive on their own.

Uneducated villagers began to believe in this legend. With the arrival of winter, they were terribly afraid that this deity would come to their house.

Did Santa Claus Take the Children

At the time of ancient Russia in every village the guys were afraid of this hero. They awaited his arrival with horror. It was believed that he was catching up with severe frosts and winds in the village in order to “pick up” the children.

Often in poor houses during a strong blizzard it was very cold, because such shacks were not heated at all. Weak guys sometimes froze to death. Such misfortune in the family was associated with the arrival of this not a good and long-awaited character. For those families, it didn’t matter where Santa Claus came from.The story, unfortunately, is not entirely pleasant. But she also had a place.

Where did Santa Claus come from in Russia?In those days, it was believed that this deity took the guys to themselves. Unlike modern children, the children of ancient Russia never waited for this hero and were very much afraid of him. Everyone did not even want to say his name out loud, and no one was interested in the question of where Santa Claus came from.

Crucial moment

In 1910, for the first time on drawn cards, they began to depict this character in a more attractive way. Artists in this way tried to eradicate the pagan traditions and overcome the fear of children.

A character appeared on the cards, who smiled and came to the children with a large bag of gifts. Artists knew that it is very easy to bribe kids even with small surprises, because the kids are so trusting.

With the help of new tales and stories, they and their parents were offered a good version of where Santa Claus came from in Russia.

Soviet time

During the period of the USSR, belief in any deity was strictly forbidden. In those days, Christianity was also actively oppressed. In order to increase the patriotism of children more, they turned into a kind old man, bringing gifts to good children, a little forgotten Santa Claus.No one knew where this character came from. His legend at that time has not yet been invented.

Where did Santa Claus and Snow Maiden come from?Father Frost, as well as his wonderful granddaughter Snow Maiden, became the most beloved and desirable characters. They came to kindergartens and schools for New Year's mornings, entertained the kids near the Christmas trees, which at that time were organized in each park and in each club. In Soviet times, many wonderful cartoons and films were shot about these good fairy tale heroes, which today's children also enjoy watching. Perhaps because there was no hint of violence in such ribbons, wonderful human qualities, such as honesty, mutual assistance, friendship, were unobtrusively inculcated in children. Santa Claus in these tapes has always been fair, fun and infinitely good.

Truth and conjecture

Those who were children in the Soviet era, perhaps, will be very surprised to learn that some modern historians are trying to connect the image of Santa Claus with the communist propaganda. At that time, this hero was genuinely loved and believed that he was "the most real". And the statement that he comes only to obedient children is hardly necessary to give a negative connotation, because not only in the Soviet Union they tried to influence the behavior of children in that way.The fabulous character of Andersen Ole Lukoye also reveals colored umbrellas only over obedient children.

For the first time children's matinee with the participation of Santa Claus was held in 1935 in Kharkov. The event was a great success. Not only children, but also adults fell in love with a kind red-haired grandfather in a red coat. He carried so much positive things with him and created a festive mood.

Image development

Gradually, this character was so firmly established in the life of people that very few people were interested in the question of where Santa Claus came from. It was enough for the children to know that he brings gifts for the New Year, and they were very much looking forward to his arrival.where did santa claus come fromWith the help of cinema loomed about the same image of the character. He was mandatory:

  • Gray hair and a long beard.
  • Cheerful smile.
  • Red cheeks.
  • Staff.
  • Red or blue sheepskin coat and the same hat.
  • Large bag with gifts.
  • Good eyes.

Gradually, this hero overgrown with incredible stories and legends.

Snow Maiden: daughter or granddaughter?

Over time, the writers decided to diversify the character and added a helper to him. Where did Father Frost and Snow Maiden come from? For the first time about this heroine people learned from the works of Ostrovsky.

In the fairy tale it was said that the Snow Maiden appeared in the forest before the people walking, who was attracted by the songs and dances of the youth. In the story, the girl was the daughter of Santa Claus and helped him lead a life.

where did Santa Claus come from for childrenOver time, her image turned into granddaughter status. This can be found an easy explanation. By age, the children were approached by a small girl, with whom communication at the matinees became more pleasant and relaxed.

Interesting facts about the heroes

Where did Father Frost come from in Russia, and where does he live? There is no single answer to the question. This hero during his existence has repeatedly changed his place of residence. Even in ancient times it was believed that the deity lives in a dense forest.

With the advent of the Soviet government, this hero was moved to Arkhangelsk. Children were taken there on excursions and showed his residence. Now the official place of residence is Great Ustyug. Here the architects built a large residence of Santa Claus with all the winter attributes.

where did Santa Claus come fromThousands of children come here in the New Year holidays to get acquainted with their favorite character and plunge into his life. Many adults, to return at least for a while to childhood,also happy to walk on the possessions of your favorite fairy-tale hero.

Santa Claus has a full-fledged family. His wife is Winter, and her granddaughter is the well-known Snow Maiden. Together they reread the letters of the children and collect presents in a large bag.

Santa Claus has several animals on the farm. It has long been the custom that this hero travels in a sleigh pulled by three horses. But in the residence of the character there is also a beautiful deer Leshka.

In the frost Frost has a room under the wardrobe. It contains a large number of character's elegant fur coats. Also here you can find a ski suit and summer clothing sets. Thus, the Russian Father Frost is a “mod” compared to similar characters from other countries.

November 18 is considered to be the birthday of our fairy-tale hero. Around this period of the year, colds come and frosts increase in Russia. Father Frost celebrates his holiday first in Veliky Ustyug, and after a few days arrives in the capital. Here he is also waiting for hundreds of kids with gifts and greetings.

The main Grandfather Frost of the country is 37-year-old Andrei Balin. For the past 15 years he has been in charge of the housekeeping at the residence.The livestock technician, at the age of 22, entered into a contract with the local authorities and makes the kids happy every year during the winter holidays.

Types in other countries

Virtually every state has its own characters who play the role of donors for the New Year. So, in Cyprus and in Greece, Santa Claus is called Agios Vasilis. In these countries, January 1 is considered not only the New Year, but also the holiday of the name of all Vasiliev and Vasilis.

Where did Santa Claus come from in France? Peer Noel - the so-called this character in this European country. His story of appearance is connected with religion. Peer Noel is considered a prototype of St. Nicholas, who in the Christmas holidays presented gifts from poor families to sweets.

American Santa Claus is increasingly appearing in commercials in our country. The story of the appearance of the hero is associated with Nikolai Ugodnik. This saint was a real character and experienced many trials in his life. Despite this, he always remained the patron saint of children.

Where did Santa Claus come from in Russia

Initially, Santa Claus had the appearance of an elf and was wearing dark green clothes. But in 1930, the famous Coca-Cola company came up with an advertising ploy and portrayed the character in red and white tones used for their products.

Since that time, Santa Claus became a big old man with a beard and mustache.He rides everywhere in a sleigh pulled by 12 reindeer. Favorite of them is Rudolph. The American prototype does not have a Snow Maiden. He is helped by little elves. They go through the letters of the kids and collect gifts.

Where did Santa Claus come from in Africa? Does he exist there? Of course yes. Here, too, there is such a character. His name is Papa Noel. Of all the characters, he is the most secretive, does not like to be in public. No one knows exactly what he looks like, where he lives.

The most interesting and unusual name has a character from Finland. Here he is called Joulupukki. Finnish Santa Claus comes to the children on the goat. His assistants are gnomes. He lives with his wife in a small house on a mountain.

Probably no matter what this hero is called, how tall he is, what he is dressed in. The question of where Santa Claus came from, let adults care. Children simply believe in its existence and each New Year to wait for its arrival. After all, the sensation of a fairy tale and a miracle persists in a person throughout his life.

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