Where do the old things in Moscow go?

If you want to update your wardrobe, interior or household items, a person involuntarily asks the question: where do old things go? For example, if there are clothes that are out of fashion, but still in good condition. High-quality shoes, children's things from which grew up, boring interior items, can still serve someone.

where do the old things go

Something can be given, redone or altered, and comfortable shoes without heels to be demolished in the country. Some people and whole families do not have the opportunity to purchase everything new, at initial cost. Special stores buy or accept as a gift things that were in use, where it all finds its new owners and finds a second life. In such places, low-income people will be able to pick out their clothes. Where to hand over old things in Moscow, sell, give away for free or send for recycling so as not to be thrown on the trash? This is further detailed in the article.

Second hand

Translated from English, this means "second hand". This term refers to stores that sell used items.Someone disdainfully nose, but for someone this is a real chance to buy clothes, shoes, furnishings and household appliances. And at very low prices, you can make quite a decent acquisition. There are reception centers, which then send items and toys to orphanages and boarding schools for children, and elderly people, to needy families.

In the eighties, stores appeared in Moscow selling such things brought from abroad. At the present time there are reception points, markets selling second-hand things that have domestic roots. In such stores things are accepted:

  • as a gift, that is, free;
  • for a symbolic price per kilogram.

What is accepted and where then sent?

So where can you get old stuff? First, let's talk a little about what exactly they accept and what they are doing with them later.

In Moscow there are many different reception points where old things are accepted:

  • clothes (t-shirts, sweaters, pants, jackets, coats, coats, skirts, etc.);
  • shoes (shoes, sandals, boots, etc.);
  • accessories, such as: belts, bags, backpacks, wallets, jewelry;
  • rubble technique (TVs, computers, washing machines, etc.);
  • furniture;
  • children's toys (both soft and plastic, wooden);
  • books of various subjects.

where can I get old stuff

All this is sorted and distributed depending on the state. Absolutely unusable clothes, items made of plastic, wood, glass and paper - are sent, of course, for recycling. A piece of shabby clothing is sent to animal shelters for bedding. What can still be used is cleaned, erased whenever possible, disinfected and sent to social facilities. Some items of acceptance send items for sale. Funds from such trade, of course, sent to the accounts of charitable organizations.

Where can I take the old stuff in Moscow? There are several options. Now we will consider them.


This store began its work in the fall of 2012, one of the pioneers of social entrepreneurship in Russia. A distinctive feature of the boutique is that donated clothes and things must be in good condition and only well-known brands. Excellent opportunity to give already unfashionable, but high-quality clothes to those who need it. Funds from the trade are sent to accounts of funds for seriously ill children.The shop accepts for sale:

  • clothes, shoes;
  • accessories;
  • antiques;
  • costume jewelry;
  • various decorations.

What is accepted for sale, but not sold, is sent in the form of donations to other charitable foundations.

Take things to the addresses:

  • Flacon Design Factory, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Street, 36, Building 2, Floor 2, BlagoButik;
  • Dovator Street, 10, the Foundation "Faith";
  • Dovartora Street, 13, entrance 5, the Foundation "Give Life".

"Shop joy"

Another store where old things are delivered and which collects funds for charitable purposes. It takes almost everything that people bring. Volunteers carefully sort and select what things will come to the store for sale. Clothes, shoes, household items in good condition will be sold, funds are transferred to charity.

where can I get old stuff for money

That has served its time and is not suitable for use, is sent for recycling.

In the shop there are no usual prices and cash to pay for purchases. The administrator in the store helps visitors to decide how much he wants to donate, and the money is sent to a sealed box. You can bring toys, clothes, bags, various accessories.Things can be handed over at the point of reception at the following addresses:

  1. Small Sukharevsky lane, 7;
  2. Malaya Ordynka street, 26, building 1;
  3. Shopping and entertainment center “Golden Babylon”, Prospekt Mira, 211

Items "Thank you" - a great place to give unwanted clothes

Where to hand over old things? Items "Thank you" carry out free reception of things. Things can be brought to stores or left in special containers designed for collection. These boxes are installed in shopping centers and enterprises of the city.

where to pass the old children's things

There is a list of things that take these items, as well as general recommendations, in what condition they should be and will be useful. The organization does not have the ability to independently take and export things, and also does not have enough storage space for storage. What items accept "Thank you" and what to leave in their boxes, you can find on the organization's website.

CSO "Dorogomilovsky"

The social service center accepts items and toys that are suitable for use for children from low-income families. The reception point is located at Student Street 42, building 1-2.

H & M Store

Another place where they hand over old things and do good deeds.And here you can bring clothes in any condition. Things are sorted:

  • that which is not suitable for efficient use is being recycled;
  • clothing in good condition is being transferred to charities.

People who rent things, get a coupon at a discount to buy clothes in this store.

For the first time, H & M boutiques launched such a collection to collect items in Europe. In the Russian stores H & M, such actions began to be held later and became widespread. In order to get a coupon for a purchase, you should bring and leave the old things in a container that says: "Let the clothes live for a long time!".

where to hand over old things thanks items

Addresses of shops:

  1. Shopping center "Metropolis", Leningradskoe Highway, 16a, p. 4.
  2. Shopping center "Afimoll City" Presnenskaya Quay, 2.
  3. Shopping and entertainment center Raikin Plaza, ul. Sheremetyevskaya, 6, korp. 1.
  4. Shopping and entertainment complex "Atrium", st. Earthen Shaft, 33.
  5. Shopping and entertainment center "Golden Babylon", Mira Avenue, 211


Here they take old furniture, household appliances, antique items, clothes and shoes, books, and much more. Employees of the organization sort the accepted.Very old things are sent to recycling, furniture and household appliances in need of repair, repair, interesting and antique gizmos are sold in the online store. If desired, you can order a service for the export. Sometimes you can get a small reward, ranging from 100 to a thousand rubles.

Kids' things

Children grow quickly, and clothes and shoes do not have time to wear. If the clothes are of good quality and in good condition, then it will be useful to someone else. Where to take the old children's things? It’s impossible to donate things to an orphanage on your own. Moscow houses have excellent security. Children who are there, do not need anything. You can send things to orphanages in the regions.

If there is no time for self-search and dispatch of such packages, then things can be handed over to reception points, which then send things to where they are really needed. You can take to the charity shops "Shop joy" or "BlagoButik." These things will be welcome in the charity fund "Volunteers to help orphans". Things are accepted daily, 24 hours a day, at the address: ul. Admiral Lazarev, 43, under. 5, Bunin Alley metro station.Charitable Foundation "Russian Birch" accepts used, but in good condition clothes. Things must be clean (washed and ironed), packed in plastic bags. Clothes are sent to large families from the provinces who need it. Address of the receiving point: Spartakovskaya Street, Building 19, Building 3, Baumanskaya Metro Station. The item is open daily from 10 to 18.

Rent for money

If a person wants to get some kind of reward for his already unnecessary property, then where can one hand over old things for money?

The first option is a thrift store. These stores take a certain range of things, for the implementation takes a small percentage. The process is not complicated, but time consuming.

The second option is to pass things in second-hand. However, most Moscow stores selling such goods do not accept goods from the public.

where to hand over old things for recycling

In Mokve, there are several organizations that have points of receiving old things, and some also provide export services. It is only necessary to dial a phone number and order the export at a certain time. No need to spend time traveling and paperwork for the goods.Items to hand over old things for money:

  1. "Good things" has three points in the capital. They are located at the following addresses: Admiral Makarov Street, 14, Marshal Vasilevsky Street, 15/1, and Dekabristov Street, 28 K.1.
  2. "Dump". Located at the address: Krymsky Val, 10a.


Where to hand over old things for recycling? There are things, for example, old clothes, fabrics that are no longer suitable for use in their original form. They can be immediately recycled. In Moscow there are several such reception points where things are taken from the public. If there is a large amount of them, then organizations provide a service for export. Payment is carried out for one kilogram. The company "RusMak" accepts old fabrics, clothes, blankets, mattresses, coats. The collection point for rags is located at: Ryabinovaya Street, 34d.

Online flea markets are a great place to sell waste

Convenient way to hand over old things, or rather profitable to sell. Not too shabby, without any visible defects, almost unworn items can be sold via the Internet. This method is suitable for a small amount of things.

where to get old stuff for money

There are certain free ad services where required:

  • register;
  • make a photo of what you need to sell;
  • add description;
  • mode of transmission;
  • specify the price and your contacts.

You can use social networks in which groups have already been created in just such a direction. There you can quite profitably sell your clothes or shoes.

Small conclusion

Now you know where to hand over old things in Moscow and not only. As you can see, there are a lot of options. You can either sell items or donate to charity. Choose for yourself the appropriate option and get rid of unnecessary clothing, equipment and other things.

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