Where did Lermontov die? Where is Lermontov buried?

More than one hundred and seventy years have passed since the great Russian poet, prose writer Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov, passed away. It is known that a close friend of Nikolai Martynov killed him in a duel. About where Lermontov died and under what circumstances, will be discussed in this article. We will follow the events of that fateful day, learn about the reasons for the duel. Also find out where Lermontov is buried.

where is buried Lermontov

Long-term friendship

Martynov and Lermontov became friends at the cadet school. From the first day, an inexplicable rivalry was established between them, which was expressed in the fact that one did not allow the other to stand out. They spurred each other, inspired, and this made their friendship strong, but strange.

After graduating from college, their paths diverged, but they managed to keep warm relations. So, in 1840, a year before his death, Lermontov, while in Moscow, often visited the family of Nikolai Martynov. Nothing foreshadowed trouble ...

War in the Caucasus

In 1840, for a duel with E.By the guardian of Lermontov, by the personal order of the emperor, he is sent to the front line of the then Caucasian war. In battle, Michel showed himself to be a brave warrior who was respected even by the highlanders. The battle on the river Valerik was one of the decisive. For her Lermontov present to the award and give a 3-month vacation. He returns to Petersburg. Tired of war, he submits his resignation. However, soon the news arrives: Lermontov is removed from all premium lists, the application is rejected and he is ordered to return immediately to the regiment.


On the way to the Caucasus, in Tula, Lermontov is intercepted by his old friend still in the cadet school Alexey Stolypin. He persuades the poet not to go immediately to the detachment, but to remain for a short time in Pyatigorsk, on the waters, as if by illness. Here is their long-time friend - Prince Vasilchikov. Soon Nikolay Martynov should come. Lermontov is looking forward to meeting with a friend. Two months left before the tragedy.

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Fatal wit

The war has greatly changed Martynov. He grew whiskers, wore a simple Circassian costume with a huge dagger, was silent and forever gloomy. He orders his portrait from a local artist - he takes from the war that which is so alien to Lermontov.If the poet perceives what is happening in the Caucasus as a tragedy, then Martynov is fully convinced that the “scorched earth” tactics must be used against the enemy. With all his appearance he demonstrates superiority over the highlanders, Lermontov, on the contrary, is imbued with respect for the Caucasus and its people. Friends often argue on this topic. The poet brilliantly ridicules Martynov’s views, but he lacks wit to answer his opponent.

Pyatigorsk at the time was known as a gated city, Lermontov called it Caucasian Monaco. Friends drink a lot, have fun, dance, play cards. Once at one of these evenings, when he saw a friend with two huge daggers at his belt, Lermontov joked: “How good you are, Martynov, you look like two Highlanders at once!”. These words echoed throughout the room. "How many times have I asked you not to joke like that with ladies?"

Later, when friends were going home, Martynov, having caught up with Lermontov on the threshold, repeated his phrase. To which Michel, smiling, asked: “Well, will you challenge me for this to a duel?” Martynov answered in the affirmative. Immediately appointed day.

 where is buried m y Lermontov


On July 15, 1841, a black cloud slowly rose above Mashuk Mountain, where Lermontov died. The place for the duel was chosen in a hurry, they did not take the doctor.Upon arrival, the seconds measured the barrier of fifteen steps, from him in each direction another ten. They prepared long-range pistols of large caliber and agreed in advance that you can shoot on the spot and on the move, approaching the barrier, but always between the teams “Two!” And “Three!”.

Lermontov on the eve of his shot refused. Everyone was sure that the duel would end in reconciliation, the rivals would shake hands and leave.

Reaching the barrier, Martynov raised his gun. He could only pull the trigger, but Lermontov did not shoot. Sharp rain hits duelists in the face. Lermontov fell: a wound was smoking in his right side, blood was leaking from the left. Martynov quickly approached, kissed the lying Lermontov and left. Friends rushed to find a doctor, leaving Glebov with Lermontov. The poet was still breathing. The rain intensified. The faithful Glebov sat near Lermontov for several hours without waiting for friends, covered his wounded man with his greatcoat and went for help. At the foot of the mountain Mashuk, in a pouring rain, bleeding, all alone, the poet lay for four hours.

where Lermontov died

Where is Lermontov buried?

The body of Mikhail Yuryevich was brought to his apartment at eleven in the evening.At the Pyatigorsk cemetery, where the grave of Lermontov appeared on July 17, 1841, the body lay for 250 days. His grandmother, Elizabeth Arsenyev, obtained permission to re-bury her grandson. Where M.Yu. Lermontov now? The answer to this question is obvious - at home. His ashes were transported in a lead coffin to Tarkhany, where Lermontov was buried from April 23, 1842. He rests in a family cemetery next to his grandfather and mother.

Now you know how Lermontov died and where he was buried. During his short life he managed to leave a significant mark in Russian literature, giving us many works that still resonate in the hearts of readers.

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