Where to buy cheap bedding?

It is pleasant to sleep on high-quality and beautiful bedding, it harmoniously looks in the interior of the bedroom. It is possible to get a suitable bed set, without leaving the house. The company "VioTex" offers a wide variety of models for every taste in its online store - http://viotex-37.ru. Practical and natural fabrics, bright colors, interesting design and reasonable prices for every customer!

Bed linen from the manufacturer

VioTex is a textile company in Ivanovo. For over a decade, she has been producing bedding sets and is a leader in this field. Offers its regular and new customers a variety of products at a wholesale price. Here you can purchase PBC retail and wholesale. Bed linen from VioTex is valued by individual consumers, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Excellent quality and great range

In the sections of the catalog there are sets of different types of fabric: satin, poplin, coarse calico.Large selection of economy and premium. One and a half, double and family sets. Here you can find PBC for any season, as well as universal (suitable for the whole year). Good choice for the nursery.

The design of the CPB uses bright colors, nice patterns and patterns. Use harmless and natural paints, while linen does not fade, does not fade and remains beautiful after several washings.

You can purchase bedspreads, duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets of any color and size in the kit - look in the appropriate section. The following categories are presented:

  • new items - new arrivals;
  • expected receipts - what will appear in the store;
  • linens;
  • bedding: blankets, bedspreads, blankets;
  • children's series;
  • goods for the holidays - holiday sets;
  • shares - lucrative offers;
  • textiles for the bathroom;
  • kitchen textiles.

We recommend to pay attention to the CPB of the coarse calico - http://viotex-37.ru/postelnoe-bele/byaz. Calico is a method of weaving thick threads in which synthetic and natural fibers can be used. This fabric consists mainly of cotton, is very dense, does not cause allergies, is good for children.It has excellent wear resistance, does not fade, does not lose its shape and does not shrink, it is easy to iron - almost does not need ironing. Binding sets are easy to maintain, beautiful, suitable for everyday use and inexpensive.

All products are divided into categories, each of them contains a photo of the model, the main characteristics and cost. Due to this, the buyer can compare several models with each other, evaluate them and choose what suits him best.

Profitable cooperation

The company VioTex follows the fashion, keeps up with the times, so the catalogs are regularly updated with new models of bed sets. Here you can purchase quality PCB from Ivanovo with the benefit of:

  • Attentive attitude and individual approach to each customer;
  • Flexible discount system;
  • Long-term cooperation and ongoing support;
  • Fast ordering and regular product deliveries every week.

Production of high-quality cotton using harmless dyes and adherence to the process technology. All products have certificates that guarantee product quality and reliable cooperation with wholesale customers.

Quick order

For regular customers who understand the range, the category “Quick order” has been created, with which you can quickly place any order. It is an additional tool along with the Product Catalog and Recycle Bin. To make a quick order, you need to fill in all the necessary data and at the end of the page click on the button “Send order”

Get for yourself and your loved ones high-quality and beautiful bedding from "VioTex"!

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