Where was the "Lord of the Rings" filmed?

October 28, 2014
Where was the "Lord of the Rings" filmed?

Probably today you will not find a person who has not watched, or at least has not heard about Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie. This trilogy is based on the eponymous work of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Tolkien is a famous English fantasy writer, philologist, and linguist. The book is a story about the eternal struggle of Good and Evil. Directed by Peter Jackson brought to the screen the adventures of little hobbits, elves, gnomes and magicians. The film played such talented actors as (Frodo), (Gandalf), (Aragorn), Liv Tyler (Arwen), Orlando Bloom (Legolas) and others.

Many fans of the film are interested in where they filmed "The Lord of the Rings." We will talk about this now.

Middle-earth in New Zealand

The action of the book takes place in a fictional country - Middle-earth. In the film, the viewer enjoys magnificent scenery: green fields of Hobbiton, elven forests, turbulent rivers. Peter Jackson found all this magnificence in New Zealand, where the film was shot for three years.

  • So, Hobbiton is located on the territory of a private sheep farm, near the town of Matamata. There were built scenery cute hobby houses - holes. They have survived to this day, and tourists actively visit the Shire.
  • Rohan is a country of horse breeders, ruled by the noble King Theoden. Rohan is located in Canterbury, on the island of South. Endless majestic plains perfectly recreate the atmosphere of the novel.
  • The picturesque Hutt River, which flows into the Southern Alps, turned into a film in the Anduin River. According to her, the Brotherhood of the Ring sailed from Lórien.
  • But for those who want to see the fatal mountain, where Sauron has forged the One Ring, you need to go to the active volcano Ruapeh. You will be able to repeat the route along which the heroes of the saga Frodo and Sam walked.

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