Which bank to choose for a deposit? Reliability rating of Russian banks for deposits

Which bank to choose for a deposit? We will understand more in this issue.

are a kind of so-called passive income, when a person decides to open a contribution in a certain amount of money for the purpose of making a profit. In addition, this type of banking operations is an independent source of income, which, respectively, is subject to a certain tax from the state.which bank to choose for deposit

The main tasks of opening deposits

By investing your money in a bank, first of all you need to decide on the purpose of such investments. These may include:

  • accumulation of funds;
  • preservation of existing capital;
  • various loans secured by deposit;
  • investment in the form of income from rates on the stock exchange.

Banking organizations need to make a profit, and in the receipt of new money, so they are trying in every way to attract investors.To this end, numerous programs are being developed that make it possible to invest their capital profitably, but practice shows that of all such proposals, only two or three of them can be considered really beneficial. Which bank to choose for a deposit is interesting to many.

When investing money, it is necessary to remember that no commercial organization will work to its detriment, therefore, when choosing a reliable bank, it is necessary to carefully study all its characteristics and programs.

How to choose a suitable contribution program

Despite the fact that bank deposits are regulated and protected by law, the depositor must become familiar with all the main and additional conditions established by the bank for a particular type of transaction.

Such conditions may be:

  • "Floating" interest on deposits in banks;
  • method and periods of accrual of interest on the contribution;
  • preferential terms for various stocks.

Deposit Amounts

The amount of investment in the bank can be very different, depending on the capabilities of the client, as well as on the conditions of the program of the bank itself. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to invest money in the amount of more than 1.5 million rubles, since the excess of this amount will deprive the depositor of insurance payments. Such payments are made on all deposits, even within the same bank.
Moscow banks deposits

Thus, if the client has a desire to make a deposit in the amount of more than 1.5 million rubles, you need to carefully approach the choice of the bank, as well as distribute the amount of such investments. It is important to find out in detail what interest on deposits in banks exist.

Term deposits

The main of all the provisions of the agreement on opening a deposit is the definition of the terms for which it is intended. Interest rates largely depend on this, since, as a rule, the longer the investment period is planned, the higher the interest paid to the depositor by the bank. Some deposits differ in the fact that interest rates on them are directly dependent on the exchange rate. The timing of the investment also depends on which program of investment was chosen. In this regard, there are such varieties of investments as savings, children's, salary, pension, etc.

The possibility of carrying out various settlement operations and withdrawals partially

There are banking programs, according to which the investor has the opportunity to use funds in the implementation of certain settlement operations, such as payments for housing and communal services, taxes, etc.

Other deposit programs allow you to partially withdraw money, or, on the contrary, replenish your account.

Programs for deposits in Moscow banks are widely distributed, which provide for a minimum interest rate threshold.

In this case, the account determines a part of funds that cannot be used before the expiration of the investment agreement.
what interest on deposits in banks

Bank ratings

The main way to decide when choosing a bank where you can make a profitable investment of money is to look at its ratings. The provision of such information is usually done by major rating agencies, such as Rus-Rating, Expert RA, and others. This is a kind of protection of the rights of depositors of banks.

A potential depositor can also examine information on the credit reports of a bank, which is published on the official website of the Central Bank, or on the website of Banks.ru. Such information will be extremely reliable, which will help make the right decision when choosing a reliable banking organization.

Financial indicators - the main information confirming that the bank can be trusted.And in order to analyze how things are going in dynamics, you just need to compare these figures for several past periods of time. An increase in bank assets in this sense is a good sign. In addition, the size of the authorized capital, that is, the sum of its own funds, says a lot.

How to choose a reliable bank

In order to be able to choose the best conditions for deposits in banks, here are a few basic recommendations:

1. Before making an investment in a bank, it is imperative to verify that the banking organization belongs to the Russian insurance system.

2. Determine the circle of banks whose profitability analysis showed good results.

3. It is imperative to study the ratings of banks, as well as their financial statements, taking into account the conditions of future contributions and the size of interest rates.

4. Find out whether there are various commissions or fees for a particular investment, as well as to get acquainted with the varieties of various additional services.

5. Inquire about the opinions of other investors about the reliability of a bank. Which bank to choose for a deposit?

Today, there are quite a few such banking organizations.The client is determined with a choice, proceeding, as a rule, from personal preferences, opinions of people, location of the bank, potential material benefits for himself, etc.

The list of such banks includes:

  • PJSC "Sberbank of Russia".
  • Ural Bank.
  • Tinkoff Bank.
  • VTB 24.
  • "Agricultural Bank".
  • "Renaissance Credit".
  • Gazprombank.
  • "Binbank".
  • Bank opening".
  • "Alfa Bank".
  • Sovcombank.
  • Promsvyazbank.
  • Bank "UBRD".
  • "Bank of Moscow".
  • "Mosoblbank".
  • "Home Credit".
  • "Mail Bank".
  • "AK Bars Bank".
    high interest deposits

These are not all banks of Moscow. Deposits can be opened in other financial institutions.

Deposits in the bank "Sberbank of Russia"

This bank is distinguished by high reliability and stability, plus everything is supported by the state. Here, a more transparent bank-depositor relationship. In deposit insurance, he participates, and you can open an attachment online. The minimum amount here will be 1 ruble, the terms of placement - from 1 month to three years, and interest rates from 3% to 7%, depending on the type and period of investment. Replenishment is possible, as well as the withdrawal of a certain amount of money in part.

This was not to this bank has deceived investors.

Ural Bank

This rapidly growing banking organization, headquartered in Yekaterinburg, is the leader of its region in the banking industry. The bank has the status of a very reliable partner and offers quite profitable programs for cash investments.

What are the interest on deposits in the bank? On average, the rate on deposits is about 6%, the minimum amount of such an investment is 10 thousand rubles, the terms vary from one month to five years. Deposit insurance is confirmed, and you can make a deposit by visiting a bank branch. Partial withdrawal or replenishment of funds is possible.

"Tinkoff Bank"

This bank also offers very favorable conditions for deposit programs, for example, anyone who uses this opportunity receives a debit card. In addition, it is possible to open investments in various currencies, as well as withdraw money in part. Deposit insurance is present here, the minimum contribution is 55 thousand rubles, and the period for placing an investment is from 3 to 24 months. The minimum interest rate is 9%. You can open a deposit remotely.protection of the rights of depositors of banks

VTB 24

Not very favorable conditions for opening investments provides this bank.The main reason for this is too large a sum of the minimum contribution - 200 thousand rubles. There are few programs for opening investments, which makes it difficult for customers to make a choice in favor of this bank.

Interest rates on deposits - 7.5%, terms of placement - from 2 to 60 months, interest is calculated monthly. Withdrawal is possible only for one investment program.

Where else can you make deposits at a high percentage? Banks are still very much.

"Agricultural Bank"

It is a reliable and stable bank, investments in which are profitable and convenient. The minimum deposit term here is from one month, the minimum deposit is 10 thousand rubles, interest rates are from 0.01% to 8.8%, depending on the type of investment. Earnings are made on a monthly basis, replenishment and partial withdrawals are possible.

"Renaissance Credit"

Convenient and time-tested bank, where the minimum amount is from 1.1 thousand rubles, the placement period is from 2 months to 2 years, interest is calculated according to the client's preference, and interest rates are 7-9%, depending on the type of investment. It is possible to open such a deposit at any available bank branch.


In this bank, all deposits are subject to compulsory insurance, which is one of the main signs of reliability. The minimum contribution is rather big - from 100 thousand rubles, which will not allow every depositor to take advantage of the offers of this bank. The terms for placing investments are from 90 to 100 days, interest rates are from 0.01% to 8%, it is possible to replenish the account, partially withdraw funds.


In this, investors have the opportunity to make an investment online, in addition, offers numerous programs for deposits with a relatively small minimum contribution - 10 thousand rubles, interest on deposits in the bank at a rate of 7%, and a monthly profit. The minimum period for opening a deposit in this bank is 2 months, and the maximum is 2 years. Money withdrawal in parts is possible.
bank depositor relations

Bank opening"

Approximately relevant investment conditions, as in the previous bank to open investments, except that the minimum amount of the contribution must be at least 50 thousand rubles. Interest rates are about 8%, and replenishment or withdrawal of funds is also possible.

"Alfa Bank"

This bank is significantly different from the others in that when investing money there is the possibility of obtaining a decent profit, but for this it is necessary to make a large amount of money as an investment. In this case, the minimum contribution - 10 thousand rubles, at an interest rate - 4.1%. Interest is calculated on a monthly basis, the timing of deposits from 3 months to 5 years.

We continue to consider the reliability rating of Russian banks for deposits.


In this bank there is a convenient opportunity for the monthly replenishment of deposits, as well as the implementation of the initial payment in several receptions. The minimum cash contribution is 30 thousand rubles, and the interest rate is from 5% to 9%. In addition, there is the possibility of withdrawing funds. Interest is calculated on a monthly basis.


This bank provides depositors with the opportunity to save interest on deposits even in cases of early withdrawals in part. Interest is accrued only at the end of the investment period, the minimum contribution of which is 10 thousand rubles. Deposit is also possible. Interest rates range from 6% to 9%.

Bank "UBRD"

The advantages of this bank are that the initial payment is a small amount, and the variety of investments is very large. The minimum installment is 1 thousand rubles, interest rates are 5-9%, the accrual of profits is monthly. Withdrawing money is possible at any time of the deposit, as it and replenishment. Stable and reliable bank.

"Bank of Moscow"

In this rate, the benefits of deposits are citizens who have opened a deposit through the Internet or ATM. For them, the interest rate will be much higher. In addition, there are lucrative offers for pensioners and payroll clients.

The minimum contribution amount is 1 thousand rubles, and the terms of placement - from 100 days to 36 months, at interest rates of 7.5-8.5%. Partially withdrawing money - perhaps replenishing an account is welcome.


In this bank, as in many others, it is possible to receive interest on deposits on a monthly basis. Here the amount of the first installment is relatively small, and it is 10 thousand rubles, for the period of placement of such an investment for 1 year. Interest rates here are quite high, which allows the investor to have a good income. These rates range from 6% to 9%.Replenishment and partial withdrawal is possible. Which bank to choose for a deposit?

"Home Credit"

In this bank, you can open an investment in both Russian and foreign currencies, but it is not possible to partially withdraw money. Deposit amount can be replenished. The interest rate here is from 7% to 9%, the accrual of profits - monthly or once - at the end of the deposit term. The minimum contribution amount is 1 thousand rubles, which is also very convenient for those citizens who wish to open an investment, but do not have a large amount of money.
banks interest on deposits

"Mail Bank"

In this bank there is a good opportunity to open a deposit only in rubles. For customers who use the service through the Internet, interest rates will be higher than for those who open an investment in a bank branch. In this banking organization, the minimum fee is 5 thousand rubles, at 7-9%, with interest earned quarterly or monthly. Perhaps partial withdrawal of funds, as well as the replenishment of the deposit.

"AK Bars Bank"

The minimum cash in this bank will be 5 thousand rubles, with the ability to replenish the investment or withdraw some money.Terms of placing deposits - from 1 month to 1 year, and the interest rate - 6-9%. Interest accrual is daily, which distinguishes this banking organization from many others, the minimum period for which profits are accrued is at least 1 month.

Depositor reviews about banks

Reviews of banks are quite controversial. Someone praises major credit institutions, such as Sberbank of Russia, Alfa Bank, VTB24, for reliability. Someone, on the contrary, is dissatisfied with the fact that there is very low interest on deposits. In order to have a tangible increase in funds, you need to choose a higher rate, but at the same time, the bank must be stable. Make it sometimes difficult.

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