White hair, or how to become a blonde?

A myriad of anecdotes about fair-haired fairies will never repel the desire to be a blonde. It's amazing - the rapid changes in fashion do not affect the white color of the hair: it has been popular for dozens of years.

Change of color will completely change the image, sopainting is a very, very bold step. And white hair does not suit everyone. And the responsibility for impeccability in the overall appearance of the blonde is much greater. But it's not only that. Everyone can be a blonde (if, of course, vulgarity is not a goal).

1. You need to consider what kind of skin you have. Ideally white hair will fit only the owner of the skin porcelain, very light. In addition, cosmetic deficiencies (pimples, scars, etc.) only underline what is so difficult to hide.

2. Eye color. Ideally should be either gray or blue. Brown eyes and white hair just do not mix. This is unnatural.
3. The shape of the face. If she at you oval - experiment. In other cases, you need to consider each image separately. By the way, special programs have been created for this purpose. Enough of your photo, which is entered into the computer, and after a couple of minutes you can already see the new image. It is worth noting: the round face of the blonde will be visually enlarged.

Most artificial blondes suffer fromthe theme becomes yellowness, which appears after staining. It is better to consult a knowledgeable hairdresser and assess the quality of the hair before painting. Damaged hair can stain stains, unevenly. With inflammation and wound on the scalp, it is better not to lighten it at all. Unpredictable effect you get on the hair that has already been stained before. The procedure is not carried out immediately after the curling (at least two weeks later).

How to dye your hair white?

Let's start with the fact that before that the head is not washed. The first step in coloring is clarification. Hair is divided into parts: from one ear to another (the first parting) and from the forehead to the neck (the second parting).

The agent is first applied to the occipital region,since clarification in this area takes longer. Then we continue along the parting. On the hair at the temples and the forehead, we put the composition in the last place, because they lighten faster than on all other sites. If you want to achieve uniform color, apply the product quickly. The uniformity of lightening is affected by the structure of the hair, its density, thickness: the thicker and thicker, the thinner the strand. Every hair must permeate, otherwise yellowness may appear.

If the hair is clarified for the first time, the composition is appliedfirst on themselves, and only then (in about twenty minutes) on the roots. Repeated procedure requires reverse action: first the roots, and after - the hair. The frequency of the following clarifications will depend on how quickly they grow. Someone is enough times a month, someone needs to do this more often.

Some hair colors can replace the clarification, and some, thanks to the shades, hide the yellowness and make the look more natural. But the advice of the master is needed here.

One lightening, as a rule, is not enough. After painting it is necessary to use a shade of shade (not tonic, do not confuse), which is mixed with any other shampoo and applied to the head, aged for a couple of minutes and washed off. Do not overdo it, otherwise get another color (usually ash gray, or even soft blue). Over time, experiment with shades, but beginners should not take risks.

When white hair begins to fade, or yellowness makes itself felt, again use a shade of shampoo. In general, this should be done with every fourth (or even third) washing of hair.

Remember that the darker your hair, the more difficult it is to fight yellow.

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