Who are lesbians? Causes and symptoms of lesbianism

Same-sex love is a very debatable topic in modern society. Most often homosexual relations between men are brought up for discussion, because they vividly declare themselves and are not shy about acknowledging their true sexual orientation. Against this background, the love relationship between two women does not arouse much interest and is widely ignored by society. But they exist and have a fairly long history, so today we decided to talk about lesbianism and find out who the lesbians really are.

Who are lesbians

Female homosexuality: what is it?

The term "lesbianism" is widely known not only to psychologists and psychiatrists, but also to historians. It was first mentioned about three thousand years ago and characterized homosexual relationships between women. Those who adhered to such a relationship, began to be called lesbians. Since ancient times, almost nothing has changed in the terminology of this phenomenon, but so far psychiatrists have been working to identify the causes and signs of lesbianism, considering them more hidden,than the prerequisites of male homosexuality.

Who are lesbians? Some important facts

Female sexuality is seen as a very complex and multifaceted phenomenon. Therefore, experts believe that of the whole mass of lesbian couples who openly declare themselves, in reality, only a small percentage prefer sexual contacts and relationships with women of their own sex. The rest of the women were involved in such relationships due to certain reasons.

According to sociologists, there are as many women of non-traditional orientation in the world as homosexual men - no more than four percent. Despite the fact that in recent years, lesbianism has been openly spoken to in wide circles of the public, this figure remains unchanged. Who are lesbians? Do they all prefer relationships with their own kind? Or are you sometimes ready to change your preferences?

How to recognize a passive lesbian

Sigmund Freud first proposed the theory that women are bisexual by nature. They are equally capable of experiencing physical attraction to men and women. This is due to the contacts of the child with the mother, from the very birth the girl has a close relationship with the mother, which is for her the first source of pleasure in this world.Most often, memories of this connection are deposited in the subconscious as a model of behavior, but are in a sleeping state and may never appear.

In adolescence, the process of self-determination occurs, when a girl decides who is attractive to her - a man or a woman. But often this self-determination takes place under the pressure of society and traditions. In the future, under certain circumstances, bisexuality can wake up and provoke a girl to have sexual contact with her peer or a more experienced partner.

Lesbians can be divided into three categories:

  • true - they categorically reject relationships with the opposite sex, often had no connections with men at all or limited themselves to single contacts that did not bring satisfaction to the physical and psychological plan;
  • bisexual - these women gladly enter into relations with men and women, are often married and have several mistresses in parallel;
  • casual - had one-time sexual relations with women of the same sex, or only one long relationship, but later married and feel happy.

All three types of women call themselves lesbians, although only the first two categories are of interest to doctors and psychologists. According to surveys, more than fifty percent of all women surveyed had homosexual experience, which confirms Freud's theory of female bisexuality.

Lesbianism: the birth and development

The history of lesbianism is more than three thousand years old, although no exact historical evidence about the time of birth of this sexual orientation has been found.

It is believed that lesbians appeared in ancient Greece. A very beautiful legend of Zeus, in love with a beautiful islander, is associated with this phenomenon. The girl was strikingly beautiful and lived on the remote island of Lesbos. Zeus tried his best to seduce the beautiful woman, but she refused to the great god. Enraged by the refusal, he destroyed all the men on the island, not even regretting the little boys. For more than forty years, only women lived on the island; not a single ship with travelers, the vengeful Zeus, did not allow to reach the coveted shores. But when the first mariners approached Lesbos, they were struck by the sight before their eyes - the women managed to adapt to the conditions of life and fully assumed the male functions,including in the sexual sphere. And here they were so skillful that they surprised even the men.

Another legend is also associated with the island of Lesbos, where the Greek poet Safina lived. She composed the most beautiful poems in which she described and extolled the love of women for each other. Poems and poems were very popular with the Greeks and gained recognition in other countries. Although it is difficult to consider Safina a lesbian herself, she had many connections with men and considered herself in such a relationship to be a very happy woman.

Common lesbian relationships were in Syria, Iran and China. In Chinese poems and treatises, they were given quite a lot of attention. But the descriptions of such love were very modest and were not replete with details, as in the case of homosexual relations between the young samurai and their mentors. All these data suggest that in ancient times, lesbianism was considered quite normal behavior and did not apply to sexual deviations. Moreover, relations between women were positioned as more beautiful and harmonious than the traditional heterosexual.

History of lesbianism

Causes of lesbianism

Doctors believe that lesbians are not born, but become at the confluence of certain circumstances. Although there is a certain category of women who have a greater predisposition to homosexual contacts in connection with medical indications. Such young ladies are no more than one percent of all lesbians, while the rest began to prefer same-sex love under the influence of social and psychological factors.

Many doctors recognize that the lack of the hormone serotonin is one of the most significant motivations to change orientation. After all, a woman cannot enjoy the pleasure of ordinary life and is looking for new sources of emotional nourishment. This theory has the right to exist, but official psychology identifies three reasons for non-traditional sexual orientation in women:

  1. Medical.

These individuals suffer from various forms of ovarian disease, which affects the entire behavior of the woman as a whole. Ladies behave like men, have a strong physique and clearly prefer sex with women.

In cases of disruption of the pituitary gland in the body, female sex hormones are no longer produced, which is also the cause of female homosexual relations.

2. Psychological.

Most often, a potential lesbian suffers from a complex "deformity." A girl from early childhood feels ugly, she cultivates her complexes and considers herself extremely unattractive for the opposite sex.

In some cases, the desire for comparison is triggered - the girl constantly compares herself with other girls who seem to be ideal. In the process of this comparison, she acquires lasting confidence in her not-so-beautiful appearance and begins to feel drawn to beautiful and tender girls, whom she praises and worships.

3. Social.

This reason is the most difficult. A woman is influenced by many factors, everyone can be the last straw in a vessel of same-sex love. In some cases, the social cause is expressed in the relationship between the daughter and the father, when the family really wanted a boy. In this case, the father raises such a tomboy, in every way encouraging sports, developing the leadership qualities of his daughter and pushing her to a certain pattern of behavior. As an adult, the girl cannot find a common language with men, as she constantly competes with them, and begins to experience craving for the female sex.

In another case, the girl could take on the role of the mother in connection with her early departure from life, she takes on the responsibilities of the house and takes care of the father or younger brothers. She constantly suffers from a lack of maternal care and attention, which may further push her to search for this heat in the arms of another woman.

Experts call the social cause of lesbianism the most powerful and significant, it can easily bring a woman out of heterosexual relations and arouse interest in her for women of her own sex.

Causes of lesbianism

How to recognize a lesbian?

Previously, it was believed that lesbians look like a man and have little in common with common ideas about beautiful women. In fact, this statement is not always true. Who are lesbians of modern society? How to recognize them?

Psychiatry identifies the following signs of lesbianism:

  • uncontrollable sexual attraction to the female sex;
  • guilt feelings for their fantasies and actions;
  • copying male behavior and friendship with a large number of men;
  • dissatisfaction with their marriage due to the constant suppression of sexual desires and frequent aggression towards the husband and other men;
  • active positioning of oneself in society as adherents of heterosexual relations and noisy censure of homosexual relations;
  • desire to spend free time with women to the detriment of communication with representatives of the other sex.

Psychologists point out that there may be other signs, because self-determination is always an individual process, depending on many factors.

Active lesbians

It is worth noting that lesbians are divided into active and passive. And between these two categories there are certain differences. Active lesbian from an early age looks like a boy. This is inherent in her genetically from the moment of conception, but psychologically and physically she is a completely normal future woman. In the future, the main role in the formation of its sexual propensities take on parents and society. They strongly encourage the girl, praising her strength, courage and dexterity. As a result, she begins to associate herself with the male sex and does not see herself as an ordinary woman. She is reinforced in the opinion that only male character traits are worthy of respect, and she carries a similar pattern of behavior all her life, becoming an active lesbian.

Signs of lesbianism

Passive lesbians

Here is a slightly different story. Passive lesbian comes out of the environment offended and frustrated in the relationship of women. They were most often married and did not experience sexual satisfaction in bed with her husband. Many of them are distinguished by their quiet temper and do not know how to make their way through life. Psychologists even deduced a particular theory about how to recognize a passive lesbian. According to their data, this is a woman from twenty-five to forty years old, having behind her back unsuccessful relationships with men and a lot of unfulfilled sexual fantasies, which she is afraid to even think about. Men seem to her rude animals, she could be abused by them. Such women find themselves in same-sex love, but quite often return to their traditional orientation.

Latent lesbians

This type of lesbianism often leads a woman to see a psychoanalyst. She may not even be aware of her true nature, but is in constant tension and a state of dissatisfaction with life. Such ladies are usually quite successful and have a family, but the suppression of their desires is transformed into aggression, which is poured on all others.To a greater degree goes to the husband of the woman and all the men around him. Ultimately, this behavior makes the fair sex into an ardent man-in-law.

Active lesbian

A family of two women: how does this happen?

Women rarely loudly advertise their love, they live modestly and share common life. This residence even got its name - a lesbian family. In Europe, this term will surprise no one, but in our country they try to keep such cohabitation in secret.

Everyone knows who the lesbians are, but this is why they decide to start a family and officially declare themselves a couple, for many it remains a mystery. Although in reality everything is simple - homosexual female couples value their relationships very much and are extremely stable. Therefore, they seek in any way to hold their love together and often see such an opportunity in marriage.

Currently, in more than twenty-seven countries of the world legalized same-sex marriage, and in fifteen there is such a thing as same-sex union. Such couples have some limitations in legal rights compared to heterosexual families.

Passive lesbian

Lesbianism is a definite deviation from sexual behavior, taken as the norm. But one should not deny that such women exist in our society.Therefore, it is possible that after a few more decades, lesbians will no longer hide their sexual preferences and become quite a common phenomenon in society.

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Who are lesbians? Causes and signs of lesbianism 46

Who are lesbians? Causes and signs of lesbianism 90

Who are lesbians? Causes and signs of lesbianism 24

Who are lesbians? Causes and signs of lesbianism 12

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