Who do men want and why?

To twenty acquaintances of peasants between the ages of 22 and 65, I asked one question: “Would Clare Underwood blow in?”
Twenty of the twenty replied: "Yes!"

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The result stunned me, if only because for the overwhelming majority of them Claire is frankly old.
However, even a 40-year-old playboy with the “Mom Never Loved Me” complex (Vadik, I'm sorry), who refuses in principle to fuck meat over 20 years old, wants to ransack Claire Underwood in her wide pan. And this is Vadik, to whom women are opposed, whose thighs in the girth exceed 90 cm.
How is that?
In general, I pulled out of the men, why the wife of FU sticks them so.
Claire Underwood is a 100% female. Yes, insidious. Yes, angry. Yes, cold. Yes, cynical. But this is a woman: there is nothing in her behavior from a little girl.
Guys are tired of little girls in their lives. They want to fuck women. They want to live with the women. They want to love women, and not hysterical infantile persons stuck, at best, in their teens.

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All films can be divided into male and female. Look at female sexual types in "male" films.They are different: evil, kind, tough, gentle. But they are all women, and not underdeveloped shit with the body of a woman, but the reactions of the child.

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Now let's look at the heroines of "female" films. These are idiots who do not know how to own their emotions, who do not control their reactions. They are jealous like wild cats. Get drunk when they feel bad. They start up scandals and run away when they don’t know what to do.
They even run out in shorts to return the departed man.

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And despite their ridiculous, stupid, non-adult behavior, these heroines get everything they want: a wedding ring on a finger and an ovulatory pussy.
As a result, the chickens, which such shit are watched or read, continue to be chickens, sincerely believing that there is happiness. Is that not with the goat that sniffs tired next.
Girls, I'll tell you this: there really is happiness.
I will say more: it can be built with any man. That's absolutely with anyone.
In the hands of a woman, a man is clay, from which you can make a domestic tyrant, or you can, a slave dependent on yourself and the President of the United States at the same time.
Girls mold goats from men, women slaves in their homes and kings beyond his doorstep.
Remember this and erase from yourself offended little girls who have all got.

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