Who does not know what an alley is?

A rich vocabulary and beautiful syllable - a pledge of eloquence and good marks for the development of speech. This is very important, because learning the ability to express thoughts on paper and in speech is one of the main goals of modern education. Students of both upper and middle and lower grades are often invited to independently find the meaning or several meanings of a word in the explanatory dictionary and compose with it phrases and sentences or a short story illustrating features of the use of the lexical unit being studied.

Oak Alley

Take, for example, the dictionary word "alley" and try to learn about it all that is possible.

The meaning of the word "alley"

Let's start with the most important thing, with what meaning this short word is filled with. An alley is a wide road or path in a garden or park, on both sides of which trees grow in straight rows.

Alleys are straight, winding, two-row and multi-row, pedestrian, main and secondary, single-tiered and multi-tiered.Trees and shrubs can be wild-growing, and the alley is artfully inscribed in a natural landscape, culturally or artificially molded. A distinctive feature of the alleys is that they necessarily lead to a specific goal: to the house, cottage, gazebo, river, lake.

what is the alley

What kind of trees usually grow along the alleys? Types of many, the main condition - compact crown, unpretentiousness and durability:

  • palm;
  • cypress;
  • fir;
  • larch;
  • Linden;
  • Birch;
  • sycamore;
  • maple;
  • hornbeam;
  • spruce;
  • beech.


The studied noun consists of 5 sounds, the same number of letters, 3 syllables, and the stress falls on the 2nd syllable. It is necessary to pay special attention to the spelling - al ll. Remember: in the word doubled consonant "l".

Morphological features

What is the alley, in terms of grammar? The noun "alley" is a common noun, inanimate, feminine, first declension.

Case / number Singular Plural
Nominative case The alley ran and twisted far, far away, to the other end of the city and ended near the city mosque. The alleys protect travelers from the scorching sun and penetrating wind.
Genitive There is no linden alley on this drawing. Several alleys led to a large house.
Dative Let's go rather to that alley, hide under the trees from the rain. In the park alleys walked lovers, young moms with strollers and pensioners.
Accusative See the birch alley? I love such alleys: the emerald treetops lean low over the ground, the sun's rays, like golden threads, penetrate the leaves.
Instrumental case A puff of smoke rose above the alley. Students zagaldeli: "With alleys, everything is clear, let's explore another topic!"
Prepositional The guide finished an interesting lecture on a famous avenue. Today I will tell you about the alleys, their types and functions.

12 sentences with the word "alley"

Every teacher knows that the best way to learn all the nuances of using a word is to study it in the context of phrases or sentences:

winter alley
  1. The chief vizier of the Ottoman state was walking along the avenue, heavy thoughts overwhelmed him, not allowing him to relax and rest.
  2. Expand the lexical meaning of the word "alley".
  3. I will not go along this alley: it is dark and terrible there.
  4. How hot it would be better if we walked along a cool alley.
  5. What is an alley: a road or path?
  6. Boys rode along the alley on bicycles.
  7. In the shadow of the alleys, it is so nice to dream about the unattainable, plan the future and just breathe fresh air.
  8. Let's take a walk along the avenue: we pass the time, and talk about the painful.
  9. In this exercise, it was required to tell in detail about what an alley is.
  10. In literature class, tenth-graders studied Ivan Bunin's Dark Alley.
  11. Tell me what an alley is.
  12. What a beautiful alley: a true masterpiece of modern landscape design.

Purpose of the alleys

What are the alleys for? They:

  1. Protect from direct sunlight.
  2. They are a good guide for travelers, especially in thick fog, during heavy rain or snow.
  3. They hide the disadvantages of the relief or nearby structures.
  4. Prevent the emergence of large snowdrifts.
  5. Provide additional food and shelter for birds.
  6. Purify the air and groundwater.
  7. Absorb the noise.
  8. Visually extending the paths, pushing the boundaries of the garden, add orderliness and relief to it.
Beech alley

In the end, the alleys are just beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

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