Who is he - the luckiest man in the world?

We often say: "How lucky he was!"- although they themselves do not clearly know what this concept means. If, however, to explain briefly and easily, then luck is a positive solution to life situations. Some people are farting in the workplace, others are happy with happiness in their personal lives, some are winning the lottery, and there are the luckiest people who are always doing well, as if this is a lucky chronically. Even if something starts badly, then it suddenly turns into a happy ending. The names of such spirits of fortune can often be seen on the pages of newspapers or on television screens.

The most lucky person in the world is a Croatian teacherof music by Frein Selak. During his life he repeatedly got into terrible situations, but he always managed to get out of the water. The series of his troubles began in 1962.the luckiest man in the world

Row of troubles

The railway accident was the first ofnumerous accidents. For some reason, a train derailed, in which Selak was driving to Dubrovnik. The whole structure collapsed into an icy river. All were lost, only the teacher from Croatia could survive, having got off only mild fright and small scratches.

A year later Freyn got into a plane crash. He flew on an airplane to the city of Rijeka. Suddenly, the door of the plane flew open, and Selak fell out. As a result, 19 people were killed. The Croats themselves, having escaped again with fright, bruises and scratches, fell into a haystack and survived.

Again, the luckiest man in the world after threeyear has experienced a severe shock. The bus in which he was driving flew off the road. As a result, many died. And our lucky guy again in a state of shock received only minor damage.

Another incident

The next event occurred in 1970, whenSelak rode in his own car. Suddenly the car caught fire. In a matter of seconds, the Croat managed to get out of the burning car. After a moment, it exploded. Frein did not suffer at all.the luckiest people

The subsequent emergency occurred in three years. The old fuel pump poured out gasoline directly into the running engine. There was a fire. This time Frein Selak was left without hair - and only.

Next 22 years lived quietly the most luckyman in the world. Until one day was not hit by a bus in his own hometown. Doctors at inspection ascertained absence of any wounds in general. Only a shock.

Last accident

A year later Selak went on a journey tohis car. After turning on the road in the mountains, the Croat suddenly saw a truck that was carrying directly to him. He jumped out of the car, which stopped above the precipice, and hung on the tree. It was from there that he watched as his car flew into the abyss. The result is a light shock.


In the declining years, fortune did not turn away from the teacher of music. He was lucky enough to win a lot of money in the lottery.

What happened next in the life of the Croats? Different sources give different information. According to some information, he gave all his money to his relatives, so that he no longer has to test fate. In ego plans was to build a small chapel. Another source says that the luckiest man in the world bought a house, a car and married a woman, his youngest for 20 years. Frayn Selak also considered his previous four marriages to be disasters.the luckiest people on earth

The luckiest people on earth live in peace, even without expecting any luck.

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