Who is leading "What? Where? When?" on Channel One

Television does not indulge in a variety of intellectual game lovers, so the club "What? Where? When?" huge army of fans. The program, created by the spouses V. Voroshilov and N. Stetsenko, has been broadcast since 1975, without losing its popularity with the new generation of viewers. During the game, we only hear the voice of the presenter. "What where When?" focuses on teams of experts, monitors the logic of their reasoning in the search for an answer to the question of viewers. So who is he, a person commenting on what is happening, but hidden from camera operators?Who is leading "What? Where? When?"

A bit of history

Today, few people know that the first presenter of the program "What? Where? When?", - Alexander Maslyakov. Then the transfer was not at all like the modern version. Two families competed with each other, and the shooting was carried out in each apartment. The program was mounted without the participation of the presenter, which appeared only in 1976. The students were MSU students, and the installed top determined who would answer the next intellectual question. The founder of the game, V. Ya. Voroshilov, who led in 1977, was responsible for their selection.

If at first it was an individual game, then from the end of 1977, experts began to form into teams that were given a minute to discuss. This made the transfer more spectacular, she had a whole army of fans. When experts began to play against television viewers, bags of letters with questions from different parts of the USSR began to arrive in the studio. The game has become a nationwide. Vladimir Voroshilov chose a special manner of reference "What? Where? When?". The presenter behind the scenes reads out questions and communicates with the players, staying in the shadow of what is happening.

Today's Day

The proposed form of transmission has been preserved to this day. Few people knew what V. Voroshilov looked like, although in the history of the TV game there was a moment when the presenter came to the table. This happened when the top four times pointed to the mark "zero". Vladimir Yakovlevich during his life turned into a legend, and his program in 1997 was awarded the television award "Tefi". Today she has five Orpheus figurines. For 25 years, viewers heard Voroshilov's pleasant baritone behind the scenes, so after his death in 2001, everyone was concerned about the fate of a television project. Who is leading "What? Where? When?" in the 21st century?Leader of the program "What? Where? When?"

Vladimir Yakovlevich prepared his successor during his lifetime. His wife and part-time editor of the program N. Stetsenko’s son was growing up. Boris Kruk was known as the presenter of Love at First Sight, an entertainment project popular with young people. His co-host was charming Alla Volkova. As a boy, Boris was present on the air and even submitted ideas for new project rules. One of them was approved when he was only 12. Later, he directly worked on the program as an editor, assistant director, and worked on organizational issues.

Who is leading "What? Where? When?": Pages of biography

Boris was born in 1966. In 1989, he received a degree in design engineering at the end of MSTU. Bauman. But his professional activity from the very beginning was associated with television. In the 90s, he tried himself as a director, for three years leading the transfer of the Brain Ring. To date, B. Hook works in the management of the Igra-TV TV company, is the vice-president of the established international association "What? Where? When?". For a long time, it is believed that he is the adopted son of Voroshilov. This is not true.Boris's parents divorced when he was 4 years old. Natalya Stetsenko married V. Voroshilov, who did much to educate her stepson. And most importantly, conveyed to him the love of his brainchild.host voice "What? Where? When?"

Carier start

In 2001, after the death of Vladimir Yakovlevich, for a long time even the experts themselves did not know who was leading “What? Where? When?”. The cousin of the project founder regularly came to the editorial office. Many believed that it was he who works at the microphone. In fact, this was the position of the leadership of the program, which kept the intrigue. Hook's voice was distorted with the help of computer technology so that it could not be recognized. For about two years, the new presenter was looking for his own style of dialogue with the players. If Voroshilov used the mentor intonation, which excluded objections, his successor found himself in an ironic form of communication with experts.

After gaining confidence the identity of the Hook was revealed. Not only the players but also the viewers learned about it. His surname was printed in the transfer credits, during the controversial moments twice the presenter appeared on the air. B. Kruk himself believes that he has found his style two years after participating in the program in a new capacity."What where When?" Lead behind the scenes

Future successor

According to the rules of the game, the moderator assumes the functions of a judge. In controversial issues, he determines whether or not to include the answer to connoisseurs. Sometimes Boris Kruk is reproached with bias, but he treats it with understanding. According to him, the transfer since 1986 has been going on without recording, therefore, emotions often take over from players. Subsequently, they often recognize his innocence. So, we answered the question of who is leading "What? Where? When?". Does he have successors? After all, Voroshilov was preparing a replacement in advance.

To this, Hook responds with humor: "I have another 20 years to resolve this issue." The leading four children, none of them became a member of the club of experts. But the elder Michael already has experience of playing such a game in the student years.

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