Who is the lowest caste in the "militia" zones

11-10-2018, 00:02
In Russia, convicted former members of law enforcement agencies are serving their sentences in special correctional institutions - “police” or “Cop” zones. There are no thieves in the law and the Zek hierarchy, which is familiar to most prisons. However, the orders in the “police” zone are often no less severe.

Who is the lowest caste in the "militia" zonesWho is the lowest caste in the "militia" zones

Why separately
In Soviet times there was only one colony for law enforcement officers, which was located in Nizhny Tagil. With the collapse of the USSR and the criminalization of the police and other law enforcement agencies, it became necessary to create new “Cop” zones. Now in Russia there are five correctional facilities for former police officers.
Why create separate correctional facilities? The fact is that in an ordinary prison, the so-called besnik (a former member of the BS or just a former employee) will not last a day.Zeki, of course, law enforcement officers do not like. According to the criminal concept, the killing of the "ment" gives grounds for falling into a higher caste.
Siloviki - power!
There is a hierarchy on the "Cop" zone, each with its own norms and rules of conduct. Former members of the correctional institutions, prison operatives, as well as those who served in the SIZO are considered the highest caste here. In addition, the "elite" are operatives of the criminal investigation department - that is, those who were on the "front line" of the fight against crime. It is believed that these are battered people, sharp and strict, and therefore to cross them - their own peril. In the cells they occupy the position of looking, their word is the law for the less “prestigious” castes.
Next in the prison hierarchy are law enforcement officers: special reaction squad, riot police, special forces, former employees of operational-search groups. People who have gone through such a “school” are, as a rule, physically developed, morally seasoned and psychologically stable, able to stand up for themselves.
The middle peasants
The average caste in the “Cop” zones ”is a simple“ serving ”people - traffic cops, patrolmen, investigators, investigators and others.In most cases, such law enforcement officers end up in prison because of bribes or not too serious crimes. Usually try not to stick out, sit out their time quietly and peacefully. Being an authority does not deceive them, but they will not go to the lower caste either, in which case they can give a fitting rebuff.
The level of "higher" among the "lower" is occupied by lawyers. Among police officers, they usually have no respect, as they are considered cunning and smart rogues, not trustworthy. Many operatives have their account to the lawyers, who during the investigation and the trial, they promised to take them out, and at the same time they took very impressive sums for their services. As a result, their colleagues in the profession, who by the will of fate were imprisoned, are responsible for such careless defenders.
The lowest "suit" on the "Cop" zone are judges and prosecutors. These security officials respect even less, because they consider them to be an analogue of a cabinet official, who really does not know how, but who is always ready to “drink some blood” from a simple operative.
It is from the prosecutorial and judicial environment in such correctional institutions that the category of “roosters” is formed.In order to avoid conflicts, the administration of the “militia” zones in recent years has been trying to put the “cabinets” in separate cells.
The code of unwritten rules in the "Cop" zone differs little from the order in ordinary colonies and prisons: be tidy, otherwise it will become a "pig", do not go to the toilet when someone eats, do not bother with questions about cellmate affairs.
"Chushki" ("devils") as well as on a usual zone nobody respects. They do the dirtiest work (cleaning the toilets), and sleep next to the Dalnyak. Among the "devils" almost guaranteed to be those who sat down for "kosyachnye" articles - the seduction of minors, rape and the like.
Work and sport
Unlike the usual zone, where working for reputable convicts is not “by concepts”, it is common for everyone to work as a baseman, “no one leaves”. Still, to work is to have a chance for parole. In addition, you can "raise" the money to visit the prison shop.
An equally important exercise in the "Cop" areas is sports. It can be said that the cult of the body flourishes in such correctional institutions.It is believed that self-respecting BS is obliged to keep itself in good shape, and for this it must train every day: pull up, run and so on. Anyone who refuses to sport, is considered desperate and very quickly goes into the category of "pigs" with all the ensuing consequences.
Another passion of inmates in the "militia" correctional institutions - legal correspondence. But not so much with relatives and friends, as with various instances and human rights funds. These are mainly complaints about the sentence and conditions of detention. The administration of such prisons sometimes complains that they have to send almost a hundred of such letters every day.

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