Who killed the Turks?

Let's change the wording. Let's not talk today about the fact that the Turks shot down our plane. Let's talk about those they killed.
Any death has a face.

Photo: gorod48.ru
Here on these faces will never open their eyes, a smile will not flicker, the kiss of a wife, mother, child will not be imprinted. The eyes on these faces were permanently closed by Turkish terrorists.
Releasing a blatant rocket, the Turkish pilot knocked out our plane. The pilot, the crew commander, Lieutenant Colonel VKS Oleg Anatolyevich Peshkov ejected, but was shot from the ground by terrorists supported by the Turkish government.
One of the Mi-8 helicopters that flew out to rescue the downed crew was shot down by Turkish Turkomans from the ground. A team of marines was evacuated, but one soldier still died, fulfilling the mission of rescuing the crew of the aircraft shot down by the Turks.
His name is Alexander Pozynic. His wife and little son remained at home.

Photo: stuki-druki.com
Some black-browed, forgive Adi, animators kill our military, leave their mothers without sons, children without fathers, wives without husbands.
How is that even possible ?!
How long have bearded baklava eaters and extortionists tip so emboldened?

Photo: vesti.ru. The terrorist who shot down our plane.
The world has changed. There is war in the world. Do not harbor illusions that it is not so that soon everything will again be the same. Will not. We must protect ourselves.
Do not listen to those who say that we are aggressors. We are in Syria only so that Western colonizers will not take over the whole world, including us.
Pray for the dead guys who believe. And let us all together remember them - the people who died to ensure that the terrorist infection did not leak into our country. Lieutenant Colonel Peshkov and the Marines Pozychnich, not for distant Syria, were killed, but for us.
God bless the soul of the dead Oleg and Alexander, Thy servant.

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