Who to play in DotA 2?

Suvorov said: "It's hard to teach - it's easy to fight." Starting to play in DotA 2, players often want to immediately understand what's what, quickly develop, even without really understanding their character and the game in general. Let's look at the characters and maybe find out who better to play in DotA.

In the game DotE 2 there are two teams of 5 people. One team represents the bright side, and the other - the dark side. Each player has the ability to control one hero (unit). Each hero gets experience that can use to raise his level in the game, earns gold, collects and buys items that strengthen him and give him additional abilities. Each player constantly receives from his base some gold, like a salary. In addition, he can earn gold by killing enemy creatures. And more reward for him waiting for the murder of heroes. For whom to play DotA?

Teams are dispersed along lines where andthere is a struggle with squads of creeps and enemy heroes. Craps are controlled by a computer that regularly appears on the command bases. The key goal of the game is to destroy the main building on an enemy base.

Who to start playing DotA

In any team sport or game, each playerperforms its own role, so for the overall victory, the strategy of each player is important. If your team has all five kerry players, then, most likely, you will already lose at the very beginning. But not having a single team in the team is not an option either. The team must be balanced, so it will be easier to defeat the enemy. All game characters are divided into two large categories and several subcategories, this makes the game more interesting.

Character Categories

  • Kerry - the heroes who most needexperience and gold. The reason for this is their role in team fights. It's a real killing machine. They are capable of inflicting the greatest damage to the enemy. Carry translates into English as "carry", such characters bring for their team a victory.
  • Support is the hero who helps the kerry. He guards his team's kerri from killing and prevents the enemy kerry from farming.

Kerry Sub-Categories

  • Tank. His main task is to be "cannon fodder". He will need to buy armor, items for HP and magical resist. He collects all the damage caused by the enemy. The tank can act as a bait. Good teams, most often, leave the tank for later, first kill the other heroes. Therefore, the tank must have good damage. The Radiance character is suitable for this.
  • Semikerry - kerry, very useful at the beginning of the game. Here is the answer to the question of who to play in Dotu novice. Semikerry has good disibles and nukes, it helps them to excel other characters in the early stages of the game. They are able to perform the role of kerry and further, if you have the necessary items.
  • Hard curry - such kerry will be of little use inthe beginning of the game, but strong in its middle and leit. They rarely have nukes and disiblals. They are more attuned to a normal attack. After a five-second meeting with them, very few people remain alive in the spring. This is the main reason why they are often used in the beginning.
  • Gankers are the last type of kerry. There are supporters-gankers and kerry-gankers.

Subcategories of support

  • Nurses. The main task of this hero is to protect the kerry. They often have nuks, heals, for harassing the enemy and some skills for their defense.
  • The roamers are the supporters running on the map and helping the kerry in killing enemies on the line. Often they have dizeybly and slowdowns, which help them to play.
  • Initiators - help their team startfight. They are great for starting a fight, because they have good AOE skills. In addition, they can break into the battle and after the start of the fight. Such characters can be kerri and support, but most of all supporters are splendid initiators of DotA 2.
  • Pushhers are supporters with skills that help them to carry a toy. Sometimes they have spells for quick killing creeps. There are also kerry pushchairs.

Who to play in Dota 2 to decide, of course, to you, but,remember that any character requires training and to fully appreciate its capabilities, it is necessary at least for a while to play them. And do not forget that in a team game is not beneficial to act alone, be more communicative and do not be afraid to learn. Each character will be successful, the main thing is that the team is friendly.

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