Why and when there are preterm labor

Preterm labor is those that occurred immediately before the 28th week of pregnancy. People call them a miscarriage. Most often, spontaneous miscarriage occurs from the 34th to the 37th week of pregnancy. What can he be called?preterm laborPossible causes of preterm labor

1. The most common is cervical insufficiency (abbreviated ICN). This is the name of the state of the female body, when the cervix is ​​not able to retain the ovum. The ICI may develop after the injury of this part of the reproductive organ (it may be caused by such situations as the use of obstetric forceps, ruptures, premature labor, previous surgery and abortion). In addition, ICIs can be transmitted at the genetic level. Often it is caused by various infectious diseases of the female reproductive system: vaginitis, candidiasis, chlamydia, herpes, mycoplasmosis, etc.Endocrine disorders affect the condition of the cervix. For example, if a woman has reduced ovarian function or increased levels of male sex hormones. The cervix may be underdeveloped (in medicine, this condition is referred to as hypoplasia). This can also cause preterm labor. The load on this organ increases many times, if a woman bears not one, but several babies at once (or one, but too large).
2. She is also the reason capable of provoking a miscarriage - submucous uterine fibroids. In the presence of such a disease, experts recommend not to become pregnant at all until the end of treatment and full recovery.

3. Preterm delivery can occur due to infectious diseases, even due to the common flu. Women should be especially wary of diseases such as viral hepatitis, tonsillitis and rubella.

4. All diseases in the stage of decompensation are extremely dangerous for a woman carrying a baby. Heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, liver disease, renal failure - all this can lead to the most dire consequences.

5.A serious cause for the onset of anxiety are legs swelling in the late stages of pregnancy.
the danger of preterm laborDo not postpone visit to the doctor

In the case, if the stomach and face begin to swell up, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.

Who is at risk

- Women whose age is less than 18 and more than 40.

- Owners of a negative Rh factor.

- Lovers of unprotected sex.

“Those who have had miscarriages or rapid births in the past.”

- Women, in the history of which there are operations on the cervix, tears, abortions, curettage, hysteroresection.

- Those who have undergone surgical treatment due to isthmic-cervical insufficiency.

Threatening childbirth

Doctors distinguish two types of preterm labor: threatening and already begun. Remember that if the birth began, stop them, unfortunately, is not possible. Threatening childbirth can be identified by characteristic pains in the lower abdomen and lower back and bleeding. The cervix is ​​usually closed.

how to cause preterm laborWhat are dangerous preterm birth?

The danger of preterm birth is mainly that the baby is born prematurely.Part of his internal organs did not have time to form, he is not ready for existence outside the mother's womb and can easily catch the infection. To save the life of such a child, doctors need to make great efforts. If for some reason you ate: “How to cause premature labor?” - remember the main thing: in no case do not try to do it yourself. For all questions arising during pregnancy, contact a specialist.

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