Why can not I wash down the food? What can you drink while eating?

Not so long ago, experts began to argue that,Whether it is possible to wash down meal. Some say it is harmful. Others are sure that it's bad to eat dry. We will understand these questions, as well as why you can not drink food or, conversely, you can. What beverages are recommended at this time, and which should be discarded.

why you can not drink a meal

To wash down or not to wash down with water?

Scientists have found out that the cold liquid is fasterpasses through the stomach than food. Therefore, the food is not digested at all and the stomach leaves the water. That's why you can not drink the food, at least with cold drinks. After all, it almost does not mix with gastric juice, because of which the mucus appears in the intestine, which begins to rot, gases are formed.

why you can not drink water with waterJoint reception with a liquid also contributes to the rapid occurrence of hunger. And this, in turn, leads to a quick set of extra pounds.
If we talk about soda, it should be noted,that it is really capable of improving the assimilation of food. But this does not apply to sweet water. Why can not I drink water with water? Very simple. It contains many carbohydrates, which reduce the absorption of proteins.

And if without regard to food, it followsnote that because of the large amount of sweet liquid, the heaviness is felt, there is an unpleasant eructation. Therefore, in any case, if you drink carbonated water, then with the observance of the measure. Better still, use mineral water instead. Digestion then becomes better, but no harm will be. But it is undesirable to drink heavily alkaline water before meals, as proteins and fats are poorly digested in this case.

Why you can not drink tea with tea

Very many can not live without this pleasant andflavored drink. Hot tea has long been loved. But is the habit of drinking a cup after a meal useful, and if not, why not drink a meal?

Experts advise not to do this. The composition of tea includes tannins, which interfere with the normal absorption of food. Especially it concerns proteins, which build up human cells. And because of such a substance as tannin, protein and iron harden.

Another reason why you can not drink a mealliquid, is that the concentration of gastric juice is significantly reduced, and the digestion process is slower. It is best if you drink tea separately from food, and not on an empty stomach.

why you can not drink the food with liquids

Why you can drink a meal with yogurt

It seems that it is also a liquid, not less than others. But no nutritionist says that you can not use it with food.

Kefir improves digestion. It contains useful microelements that do not dilute the gastric juice. Therefore, you can say about yogurt: drink it at any time, separately from food or during it, boldly combining with most products. It will not allow the processes of fermentation and decay to develop and help to bring the decay products out of the body.

Why can not you drink milk?

In childhood all children were given tasty milk. They knew that it was good to drink at any time. But is it always possible to use milk in order not to harm the body in fact?

It is best absorbed in the morning before eating. If it is too cold, digestion will worsen. Puddings and mousses are useful, however, only if they are used separately from food. Often, milk is prepared porridge and added it in puree. With vegetables, fish and sausage it is not recommended to drink. A bad combination will be with fresh baking, as both products are very satisfying.
Meat and fish dishes are not advised to drink milk and add sauces because calcium, which is found in it in large quantities, prevents the assimilation of iron, which is part of the meat.

why you can not drink tea with tea

Coffee: drink or not drink?

As for coffee, you can find many opinions as to what causes heartburn, ulcers and even cancers. But there is no scientific evidence for this yet. Therefore, it is not necessary to state unambiguously.

Nevertheless, in large quantities, the use ofof course, it is not recommended. Coffee, drunk before meals, contributes to the appearance of appetite, and after - better digestibility of food. Naturally, we are talking only about healthy food, cooked at home.

Why not drink while eating, if there isfast food? Coffee only will fix the negative result of harmful food. Even in healthy people, eating this way, very soon there can be a sharp increase in blood sugar.

Why can not drink with gastritis

If in the body there is an increasedacidity, then stagnation causes exacerbation. The use of water with food will not only not improve the digestion process, but it will also hurt. Therefore, after eating, you can not drink at least another hour.

After a number of experiments, it wasit was found out that when drinking water, food is not digested, because of which excess weight appears, the process of rotting starts, which can lead to the appearance of diseases.

You can protect your body if you follow a simple rule: start drinking no earlier than an hour after eating.


Why can not you wash down the food with cold water,understandably. The food simply will not be digested and will go to the intestines, "cluttering" it. Sweet soda, juice and tea, too, will not work because of the individual elements that make up their composition.

why you can not drink while eatingHowever, if you really want to drink, then a littleliquid afford can be. No questions and restrictions do not arise, if it's kefir. But if you really want water, then it should be drunk quite a bit and in a slightly warm form.

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