Why circumcision?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
February 4, 2015
Why circumcision?

Since ancient times, there is such a surgical operation as circumcision. This rite is widely practiced not only among Muslims and Jews, but also among ordinary men. There are several reasons for this operation. Let us consider in more detail why circumcision is necessary.

Physiological causes

This surgical operation to remove the foreskin in men or boys is performed due to functional and physiological disorders of the penis or a number of other urological problems.

Medical indications for circumcision:

  • abnormally narrow aperture of the foreskin;
  • the discrepancy between the position of the opening of the urethra and the hole of the foreskin;
  • predisposition to AIDS;
  • predisposition to skin diseases.

When thinking about the question of whether to circumcise, it is worth knowing that it significantly reduces the risk of oncology of the foreskin and glans penis.

Religious reasons

According to religion, Muslims and Jews circumcision is the passage of a man into adulthood.This operation must be performed before puberty, as a rule, in infancy. Circumcision in later life gives a man the right to marry and the recognition of his sexual maturity.

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