Why did Hitler take anabolic steroids

Why did Hitler take anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids are called pharmacological drugs that mimic the action of the male sex hormone - testosterone, as well as dihydrotestosterone, which helps speed up the synthesis of cellular protein.

They are mainly used in bodybuilding for building muscle tissue. There is evidence that they were periodically taken by the Nazi führer Adolf Hitler. What for?

How to use anabolic steroids in Nazi Germany?

For the first time the principle of action of these substances was discovered at the end of the XIX century. Then, in this capacity, animal testes extract was used. In the 30s of the twentieth century, three groups of scientists began to work on isolating anabolic steroids: from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Nazi Germany. So crystalline testosterone was isolated. In 1937, human trials began.

Why did Hitler take anabolic steroids

According to some reports, the Nazis tested artificial testosterone on the soldiers, trying to make them more aggressive and resilient.Also, steroids for experimental purposes were given to prisoners of concentration camps. Over time, it turned out that taking anabolic steroids has a number of side effects. Thus, during the course of the course, the subjects experienced increased irritability and mood swings; increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels; ischemic disease; liver problems; acne and fluid retention. In addition, there were such things as increased libido (which, however, was rated by many as a positive effect), gynecomastia (that is, an increase in the mammary glands, which is undesirable for men), growth arrest at a young age and, finally, in rare cases hair loss. After passing the course, the sexual desire of some, on the contrary, decreased, and even impotence occurred; sperm production decreased and sterility occurred. With prolonged use and overdose, testicular atrophy was observed. Sometimes there was depression, and in other cases - the effect of psychological addiction - that is, the person “sat down” on steroids.

Why did Hitler take anabolic steroids

Why did the Führer need anabolics?

According to one version, Hitler began to take anabolics in order to conform to the ideal image of the leader: he hoped that they would allow him to feel better, more invigorated, to look like a real man.Also, perhaps, he hoped that they would improve the quality of his sex life. After all, it was rumored that the Fuhrer was impotent, at least he could not have normal relations with women. Several of his mistresses committed suicide under very suspicious circumstances.

According to another version, Hitler took steroids on the recommendation of his personal physician.

In 1936, the Führer began to complain of feeling unwell: stomach pain, heart problems, sleep disturbances, and trembling in his left arm and leg. However, medical examinations revealed nothing. Most likely, the Führer suffered hysteria. It is known that in 1918 he was commissioned from the front due to a temporary loss of vision due to a gas attack. In any case, this is the official version. However, several years ago, the British historian Thomas Weber found a letter written by the hand of the famous German neurosurgeon Otfried Foerster. Förster reports that in the 1920s he had the opportunity to familiarize himself with Hitler’s medical records. And it said that he suffered from hysterical amblyopia - a rare disease in which the brain ceases to perceive the surrounding reality and blocks signals from the optic nerves, as a result of which a person stops seeing. It can happen on the basis of strong fear.Other illnesses can also be of hysterical origin. For example, the so-called hysterical paralysis is well known.

Why did Hitler take anabolic steroids

So, the doctors put the Fuehrer different diagnoses and could not come to a common opinion. However, one of them, Theodore Morell, managed to somewhat alleviate the condition of the patient. After that, he was awarded the status of a personal doctor, Hitler. According to German journalist Norman Oler, author of the book “Der totale Rausch” (“Complete euphoria”), Morell prescribed “patient A”, as he designated the Fuhrer in documents, a number of potent drugs among which were vitamins, glucose, extracts of various plants, drugs, hormones and steroids. In particular, he was given injections of bovine semen and extracts from pork liver. In total, the leader of the German nation received about 72 types of drugs.

Why did Hitler take anabolic steroids

Sad consequences

Of course, this did not lead to anything good. Hitler had problems with his bladder, swelling, he was constantly dizzy, weight loss was observed. He began to speak and suffer failures in memory. By 1943 it had become a complete wreck. It is possible that it was precisely the "slaughter" cocktails made from drugs and anabolic steroids that caused the Fuhrer inadequate behavior, including in the area of ​​political decisions.This concerns, for example, the blitzkrieg against France in 1940. “Doctors and drugs explain a lot in the internal structure of Nazism,” says Oler.

There is evidence that, at the end of his life, Hitler's eyesight dropped dramatically, his teeth almost completely collapsed, he suffered from constant tremor of the limbs, could hardly move and even spoke.

However, other doctors were afraid to get involved with Morell and protest his appointment, as he had a great influence on the Fuhrer. “Morell was a real scammer,” says American researcher Bill Panagopoulos, who studied archival documents on this topic. “He should have practiced maximum at the veterinary clinic.”

They say that on the eve of his death, Hitler threatened to execute Morell. By the way, he himself abused "strengthening injections." After the war, the Americans tried to blame the doctor for the Fuhrer's poisoning, but during interrogations Morell behaved completely insane. He ended his life in 1948 in one of Berlin's psychotherapy clinics, not having survived his notorious patient for too long.

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