Why do I need to reload the fire extinguisher? Basic rules and rules of the procedure

Any specialist in charge of safetythe object entrusted to him knows that he can do his work only when all the means necessary for this are in a state of complete readiness. One of the conditions for this is timely reloading of the fire extinguisher.

Necessity of compulsory procedure

Any object, whether it is a large enterprise ora small store, must be provided with mandatory means of protection against possible fire. The simplest device, which is usually used for this purpose, is a fire extinguisher.

fire extinguisher recharge

They differ among themselves in the type of internal OM (extinguishing agent). In this regard, there are devices:

  1. Powder (OP).
  2. Gas. Among them, there are devices: carbon dioxide (OH) and chladone (OX).
  3. Foamy. There are mixtures with air (ORP) and chemical substance (OXP).
  4. Air-emulsion (OBM).
  5. Water (OM).
  6. Combined.

Over time, any of these devicesloses its original properties and requires their restoration. Therefore, periodically, the fire extinguisher must be recharged. What are the reasons for this action? There are only three of them:

  1. Absence of OM after direct operation.
  2. Leak inside the substance.
  3. Results of routine inspection.

In any of these cases, it may be urgentneed to reload the fire extinguisher. If you do not do it on time, then at the right time you can be one on one with the elements. And in this situation, nature wins, not man. A timely reloading of the fire extinguisher is especially needed where there is an increased danger. Do not joke with such a serious enemy.

Observance of mandatory rules

The efficiency of the fire extinguisher is restoredas a result of consistent implementation of certain actions. But before undertaking such work, it is necessary to study well the basic rules for recharging the fire extinguisher.

fire extinguisher recharging rules

There are very few of them, but this does not exclude the need for compliance. First, in no case can not charge cylinders, in which:

  • there are visible or hidden damage to the shell;
  • there is no brand;
  • expired date of the survey;
  • the main feeder of the substance is faulty;
  • there are no required inscriptions and painting.

Secondly, do not charge the case moresubstance than it should be in the norm. In operation, this can lead to its destruction. In addition, moisture is not allowed in the housings. Thirdly, you can not keep the remnants of OTW before starting work. With each new charge, you must completely change the contents of the cylinder. Fourthly, it is forbidden to use as a main reagent compositions that do not comply with the technical documentation and standards provided for this type of fire extinguisher. After all, it is impossible to foresee the behavior in an emergency situation of an unfamiliar environment, which means that the very fact of defense also arises.

Time frame

The maintenance of any fire extinguishers consists of two main procedures:

  • check the level and state of the parameters of the CTE;
  • recharging.

These procedures are carried out for all types of apparatus. This condition of exploitation is mandatory.

how long to recharge the powder extinguisher

At every enterprise (or facility) there should beA special journal, in which the date and time of such operations are usually recorded. As a rule, these actions are planned in advance. This should be followed by an employee, to whom management is responsible. As practice shows, quite often in life, devices of powder type are used. They are designed to extinguish small foci and are very easy to use. With their help you can eliminate the ignition of electrical installations, flammable liquids, various gases, as well as metals and alloys from them. In this case, it is necessary to clearly know what time to recharge the powder extinguisher. Usually, the cylinders are checked selectively once a year, and a full recharge every five years.

Sequence of work

Fire extinguishers should be servicedrelevant organizations. To do this, they have the necessary equipment and workers who have received special training. They are obliged to clearly know how to recharge the fire extinguisher. The device is checked annually, and the refueling time is determined based on their type of OTP. If the balloon is actively used for its intended purpose, then work on charging it is carried out off-schedule. Usually in the course of this process it is necessary:

  1. Carry out a full survey of the device. It includes external inspection, inspection and practical testing.
  2. Charge the container with a new substance.
  3. If necessary, paint.
  4. To dress a check.
  5. Give the owner a passport in his hands, which indicates the operation.

how the fire extinguisher is recharged

Only after carrying out such a complex of measures can you be sure that the device, which is currently near, on occasion will be able to protect those present from the fire.

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