Why do we need philosophy?

At the present time, during computerization andInternetization, a person is rarely asked questions that excite everyone else 20 or 30 years ago, because everywhere you can find an answer to everything. Then why should I argue or philosophize, any student or student of the initial course of the university will ask. In this article, we will talk about why you need a philosophy and whether it is necessary at all.

To answer the question of the need for such a science,as a philosophy, we must try to determine what it is. And this is thinking about life, about the eternal, about the reality surrounding us. Thoughts on these topics never lose their sharpness.

What is philosophy for?

  • First, this science helps to comprehend everything that is committed by a person, because in one way or another we are thinking and trying to come to a certain understanding of what is happening.
  • Secondly, understanding why philosophy is needed,gives us an opportunity to understand the past epochs. Since the historical events taking place at one time or another were largely characterized from the philosophical standpoint. Which makes our understanding very easy for us today.
  • Thirdly, the philosophical way of thinking is the unifying moment of the expediency and impartiality of today's world. And the philosophy helps to classify what is happening to the full.

The main directions of philosophy

It should be reviewed what is in the field of science. This will help determine what philosophy is for and what its directions are.

  • Education. This scientific function directs a person's mind towards self-knowledge, the definition of life values, the expansion of horizons.
  • Reflection. Helps to understand and explain the thoughts that determine the existence of civilization, the methods of its implementation and the order of life.
  • Ontology. Responsible for the search for constructive technologies of reality and the application of the fundamental teachings of being.
  • Cognition. It gives the person the opportunity to use the indexes and qualities of the classical direction with respect to comprehending genuine information about the world, exclusively by means of an in-depth study of cognitive tasks.
  • Integration. It brings together, restoring and uniting, the whole diversity of social life.
  • Forecasting. Helps develop the doctrine of the main directions of the formation of society and determine the place of a person in it.
  • Axiology. Is engaged in determining the potential preferences of moral, social, ideological, moral sense, as well as the feeling of beauty.
  • Sociology. The sociological direction of philosophy actually explains why philosophy is needed, because it captures the majority of social strata of society, explaining at the same time its way of organization and the circumstances of the transformation of spirituality.
  • Humanism. Helps to master and implement a philosophical focus in the life of a single person. And this, therefore, guides the individual to establish a positive order of his destiny.
  • Formation of the individual's worldview in the search for important indicators for him in determining the life position.
  • Formation of the criticality of an individual in relation to existing realities in order to correctly establish their essence.

Thus, it can be established that philosophya person needs to determine his place in life, for successful growth of both the individual and part of the society. Because the knowledge that is drawn from this science, distinguishes the individual from all others.

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