Why does my leg joint hurt?

When pain and swelling of the joints of the legs, it is important to clearlyinterpret the symptoms of the pathology and correctly diagnose. The causes of pain can be very diverse. They arise as a result of ligament damage,aching joint of legtendons, joints, bones, muscles, and alsonerve endings and blood vessels. In each specific case, there is a different nature of pain and symptomatic manifestations. Pain can be expressed in a noisy or acute form or accompanied by a burning sensation. It can occur abruptly and have the nature of seizures or continue all the time. Therefore, in order to understand why the leg joint hurts, you should study general information about the causes of pain.

The most common diseases of the joints of the legs

To such diseases it is necessary to attribute osteoarthritis,rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Osteoarthritis occurs usually in the knee and hip joints. The course of the disease usually passes without a pronounced tumor process. The elderly are most affected by this disease. When they move, they periodically observe a creak and a snap in the joints. The joint of the leg hurts more often with physical exertion, after a long walk or a prolonged standing in an upright position. Treatment of osteoarthritis takes place with the use of massage, swimming, mud therapy or physiotherapy.

aching leg in ankle

Rheumatoid arthritis, in contrast, isincurable disease. However, with timely medical intervention, it is possible to avoid deforming the joints and bringing them into complete immobility. Arthritis most often hurts the leg in the ankle joint, but other joints may also be affected. Unlike osteoarthritis, the sensation of pain in arthritis is dulled after physical exertion.

When the leg joint hurts with a gout, you canto conclude that a large number of purines are present in the patient's body. Treatment in this case should take place with the use of a special diet. In the diet of the patient, the content of meat products, fish and alcohol is limited. He prescribed drugs that normalize metabolism.

Other causes of pain in the legs

There are factors that can cause a sensation of pain in the area of ​​the leg joint. These include:

  • dehydration;
  • insufficient level of calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium in the blood;
  • ligament rupture;
  • fractures or cracks in bones;
  • bone tumors or bone infections;
  • various circulatory disorders;
  • inflammation of the tendons;
  • Reflex pain when the spinal disc is displaced.pain and swelling of the joints of the feet

Diagnostic Methods

When the leg joint hurts, the patient is examined and a conversation is conducted to identify the symptoms. Then, at the discretion of the doctor, the necessary method of examination is appointed. Among them are:

  • a blood test to determine the level of leukocytes, erythrocytes, uric acid;
  • ultrasound examination for the detection of vein thrombosis;
  • Radiography for the investigation of bone and joint integrity;
  • arterial-brachial index for evaluation of blood circulation in the legs;
  • computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging for more detailed examination of the joint, blood vessels, bones and soft tissues.

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