Why dream of an attack?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 27, 2015
Why dream of an attack?

If you dreamed of an attack, then you intuitively expect a "attack" from the people around you. Or your subconscious signals possible troubles that can be expected in the near future. In any case, such a dream should be regarded as a warning sign. And when trying to understand what the attack is dreaming about, you need to pay attention to the details of the dream: who will attack you, what you are attacked with, how you behave in this situation or you yourself attack someone.

We offer you the interpretation of possible scenes of this dream, presented in different dream books.

Attack of the wild beast - be prepared for a long pursuit of trouble. Sleep also warns that troubles will cease if you become aware of yourself as their main cause: your carelessness, irresponsibility and your attitude to life in general. Another interpretation of such a plot is an unequal litigation waiting for you, as a result of which you can lose both money and reputation.

Attack of evil spirits - you are waiting for mental (emotional) shock, as well as the following neuroses or depression.

You attack someone - a dream says that you are oppressed by frequent accusations against you, especially if these accusations are unfounded. If you have a weapon in your hands in time to attack, then you are threatened with the prospect of not showing the best traits of your character in reality.

If the dream of an attack dreams of a young woman, and she in noah acts as a victim, then the dream promises disappointment in a loved one.

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