Why dream of white rabbits?

February 18, 2015
Why dream of white rabbits?

In many dream books there is an interpretation of dreams with white rabbits as a sign of loyalty, as well as love. These animals, having a dream in a dream, according to some data, mean success. Here are some examples of how to interpret a dream about white rabbits.

  • Rabbit is a fertile and fruitful animal. By this, dreams about rabbits - to profit, all-round prosperity. And even more so when the animal from a dream is white! This can often mean joyful changes in your life.
  • When one white rabbit dreams, the dreamer has a desire to become a father or mother (even if it is unconscious).
  • For lovers - the white rabbit symbolizes the reliability of feelings, durability.
  • For married - loyalty partner, the duration of the relationship. Trusting each other will be stronger, and the initial freshness of the relationship will remain.
  • For an entrepreneur to see white rabbits in a dream - to success in business, the profitability of the enterprise in the very near future.
  • For adults, men or women - to the possible inheritance.
  • If white rabbits sit in cages - to a significant improvement in the material state.
  • If white rabbits play with a person or with each other - to the birth of children.
  • If a man dreams of a woman caring for or playing with white rabbits, this indicates the desire of the man to possess her.
  • If the white rabbit dreams of a girl - to improve relationships with her beloved.
  • But the Slavic dream book warns that to catch up with the white rabbit in a dream is a bad sign. But if he is caught, it promises good luck and success.
  • What else do white rabbits dream about? The dead, by contrast, may dream of illness and unhappiness, financial loss and family conflict.

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