Why lag games?

Game lags are the biggest problem for a gamer. In this regard, we will look at the reasons why the games are lagging, and give brief troubleshooting tips.

Weak computer

It often happens that having bought a new computer, the player expects that now he will “fly”. However, everything is not so simple: games are now the most resource-intensive programs and sometimes require more and more expensive components. It should be noted that now the pace of development of technologies is so high that a new iron purchased today can become outdated in six months relative to new products. Therefore, if you want to always play at the maximum settings, it is better to buy a modern computer with characteristics that exceed the requirements of the game. In other words, if you see that current games require certain parameters from your computer, make it even more powerful so that it is relevant for games even after two years. This method will save money and effort in the future.

Graphics settings

The game may lag due to incorrect graphics settings. Rather, too high.Therefore, to get rid of them, lower the resolution level, disable the shaders, lower the FPS. At the same time, you can visit the forum where it is quite possible you will find fellows in misfortune - some problems in the games are very common and many players face them. They will be able to help in solving the problem. The reason may be the manufacturers of games that produce patches that can eliminate lags. You can find out more about this in the article Why brakes games.

Overheating video card

As you know, the video card has its own cooler, which carries out its cooling. Sometimes he does not cope with his task, or even turns out to be faulty. As a result - permanent lags. It is recommended to check the performance of the video card and the cooler every two weeks.

Disk fragmentation

If the disks on your computer are fragmented, then you probably experienced low FPS in games. In order to increase the frame rate, it is enough to defragment the disk. As a rule, it really helps to increase the number of frames per second. As a result, get rid of lags.

Game Boosters

Accelerator programs are essentially designed to optimize the performance of your computer. They are not always able to help, and sometimes they can harm the PC. Therefore, when choosing such a program, be sure to take into account reviews about it. Also remember that good programs of this kind are usually paid.

"Littered" and viruses

A very frequent cause of lags in games are viruses and system disk utilization. Check your computer for malicious programs and unload the system disk by transferring files to another. This will help remove lags.

Thermal paste replacement

It is possible that your PC processor is under heavy load and needs a replacement thermal paste that can reduce heat. Replacing the thermal paste is easy, and buying it will not hit the budget. But remember that replacing it will void the warranty from the manufacturer.

Obviously, because of the above problems, the whole computer can be inhibited.

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