Why are the leaves green?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 7, 2015
Why are the leaves green?

The world of vegetation that surrounds us is very beautiful and diverse. Around, especially in summer, green surrounds the people - this is an abundance of fresh grass, beautiful lush trees and bushes.

Many people know that vegetation provides us with oxygen, but why leaves are green may not be known to everyone.

Where does the green color come from?

The vibrant appearance of living vegetation acquires in the spring and retains throughout the summer. Find out why the leaves of plants are green, help knowledge from biology.

The plant cell consists of chloroplasts (if you look at the leaf of a plant under a microscope, you will immediately see them), and the chloroplasts, in turn, contain chlorophylls — green pigments. They are involved in the most important process of photosynthesis, which provides breathing, growth and nutrition of the plant (if you forgot the phenomenon of photosynthesis, you can read about it in the article What is photosynthesis).

When a ray of sun falls on a leaf, chlorophyll reflects green and absorbs the rest of the colors of the solar spectrum.

It should be noted that the color on the sheet may be different saturation. Bright colors indicate a large accumulation of chlorophyll, dull - about insignificant. There are also other pigments in the sheet.

With the onset of autumn sunshine is becoming less and less, so chlorophyll, so to speak, loses its former strength, and the leaf changes color, as other pigments prevail in it. That is why we can admire the pleasant green color in spring and summer, and in the fall to observe a sharp change in shades of bright yellow and hot red.

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