Why make a tank. sowing?

Tank. Sowing is a very important analysis, with the help of which it becomes possible to detect in the studied material causative agents of gynecological, urological, dermatological and venereal diseases.

Analysis Technology

Taken from the patient for analysis, the material is placed in a medium specially created for the cultivation of microorganisms, specially created in the laboratory. After a few days (from 2 to 14 and more), it becomes overgrown with bacteria. They are subsequently tested for sensitivity to antimicrobial agents, including antibiotics. Tank. sowing requires compliance with accuracy in the analysis. The result is issued in the form of an antibiogram, which shows exactly which drug destroyed pathogenic microbial colonies. Based on this information, further treatment is constructed.

tank sowingWhy do I need a tank. sowing?

This analysis is widely used in medicine and is used to identify pathogenic pathogens of various infectious diseases.Most often it is resorted to by venereologists, urologists, gynecologists, otolaryngologists and therapists. Tank. seeding on microflora helps doctors identify the pathogen and identify the most effective means and methods to combat it. But, like any diagnostic method, this analysis has its drawbacks:

- the need for complete sterility in the material intake;

- sometimes too long execution time;

- accuracy of the results due to the long-term delivery of the material or unskilled lab technician.

In the final results, the change in the concentration of microbes in the test material is indicated in colony-forming units (or CFU / ml).

tank seeding on ureaplasmaTank. urine culture

Bacterial urine culture is widely used to identify infectious agents that cause urogenital infections. She climbs into a pre-prepared sterile container. It is stored no more than 2 hours, it is obligatory at a temperature from 15 to 25 degrees. It is important that the external genitals be thoroughly washed before taking the patient’s urine. Otherwise, the results of the analysis may be incorrect.The presence of microorganisms in the test material of no more than 103 CFU / ml indicates a healthy microflora. A result above this value indicates the presence of a pathogenic causative agent provoking an inflammatory process.

seeding tank from the cervical canalTank. seeding from the cervical canal

To perform this analysis, biological material is taken from the cervix. The following are indications for this study:

- in inflammatory processes of the reproductive organs;

- if clusters of gram-negative diplococci were detected in a smear on the flora;

- during pregnancy;

- with chronic vulvovaginitis.

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