Why was the street called street?

March 17, 2015
Why was the street called street?

Sometimes we do not even think about why a word in Russian has a particular sound, origin, pronunciation.

Where did the name for this or that object come from? That is why, for example, the street was called a street?

What does the word mean?

This word, ordinary and familiar to everyone, has several meanings. First, the road, the distance between the rows of houses, intended for the passage of transport and the passage of pedestrians. The territory for pedestrians, as a rule, is limited to special sections - sidewalks. On some modern streets there are special paths for cyclists.

Secondly, this is a place outside of human dwellings, space outside the house, in the open. And in a portable negative sense - an environment devoid of social and cultural impact, or a company where teenagers spend their time idly.

Erroneous interpretation

When pronouncing a word, it is possible to distinguish several components: a - a person, a street. Interestingly, in the explanatory dictionary Dahl one of the explanations of the word: the face of houses.In the semantic context, such an assumption seems possible: the street is indeed the territory “near the face” of buildings. But no matter how logical such an explanation may seem, the word has a different origin.


Scholars have identified that this concept has Old Slavic roots. By the way, the words "lane", "lane", "hive", "snail" are also derived from the root "ula". Initially, this word meant a clearing freed from trees, that is, a passage in a forest, a deserted place, a strip without vegetation. Compare: "street" - a place for passage (or passage).

In Greek, "aulos" means: space, open terrain, cavity. There are words in other languages ​​with a similar root. In Westphalian, for example, "aul" means "meadow."

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