Why is it intimate? What to do?

It is human nature to experience different sensations daily. It so happens that patients go to a doctor asking why it is itching. You can get the answer from the presented article. You can also find out the main ways to eliminate this feature.

why it is intimate

Why is it intimate? How to treat? Question to the doctors

If you are worried about this symptom, then you should not drag with an appeal to the doctor. Women need to visit a gynecologist. Men can turn to a venereologist, urologist or dermatologist. Immediately, perhaps, you will not be given an unequivocal explanation of this phenomenon. Most likely, the doctor will ask to undergo some examination.

Treatment of this symptom depends on what caused it. Sometimes it is very banal and not dangerous. However, in some cases, drugs are prescribed to adjust the condition. Consider the main reasons why it is scratched intimate place, and also find out what to do in a given situation.

why it is intimate how to treat

Pubic lice

Why does the girl have an intimate place? The first thing a doctor thinks about with such a complaint is parasites. Pubic lice can appear in both women and men. It should be said that a prerequisite for their distribution is the presence of vegetation in the groin area.

Pubic lice are transmitted by direct contact of intimate places. Also, the parasites acquire a new host through someone else's underwear, towels, and so on. What to do when this pathology is detected? Definitely eliminate it. It is very easy to get rid of pubic inhabitants full hair removal. In this case, you do not need drugs.

why does the girl have an intimate place

Hygiene violation

Why does the girl itch an intimate place? Quite often, the reason may lie in violation of the rules of intimate hygiene. Men need to wash the genitals at least once a day. Representatives of the weaker sex have to carry out this procedure more often. The fact is that women regularly have cervical mucus. If it is not periodically washed off from an intimate place, then it will begin to itch and produce an unpleasant smell.

why women have an intimate place

What to do in this case? Everything is very simple.It is necessary to review their hygiene procedures. Take a shower regularly and wash yourself after each visit to the toilet. In the absence of the opportunity to do this, it is worth using sanitary napkins and disposable panty liners.

Allergic reaction

Why does the girl itch an intimate place? Sometimes it can be caused by allergies. It is worth noting that a variety of gels for bathing, soap for intimate hygiene, napkins, pads and even toilet paper cause a similar reaction. Often itching occurs suddenly as soon as you change your habitual body care product. There are also cases when allergy is provoked by ordinary tap water.why it is intimate inside women

How to get rid of this symptom? To get started is to contact an allergist. The doctor will give you advice and prescribe the appropriate drug if necessary. Among the antihistamines can be distinguished "Zirtek", "Tavegil", "Zodak" and so on. In addition to the use of these drugs, you must also eliminate the causes of allergies. Only in this case, you can get a positive effect.

Wrong linen and tight clothing

Why is it intimate? This problem may have a cause in the form of uncomfortable clothing or incorrectly chosen underwear. If you like lace fabrics that often rub the body, then be prepared for the appearance of an itch in the crotch area. Even ordinary tight jeans can contribute to the development of this symptom.

You can solve the problem only by changing your wardrobe. Change your underwear, give preference to cotton or linen products. They should give breathing to the body and not have tight elastic bands. Also try to wear loose pants or trousers. Wear tight-fitting jeans as little as possible, which also greatly impair blood circulation in the pelvic area.

The consequences of hair removal in an intimate place

Why does the girl have an intimate place? The cause of this problem may be shaving or hair removal. If you use a machine, during the procedure, superficial skin cells are often shaved with the hairs. This leads to itching. Aggravates the situation and growing of hairs.why does the girl have an intimate place

If the epithelium is damaged, it recovers fairly quickly. As a result, the hairs are ingrown.You can fix the problem with a body scrub or peeling. It is also worth changing the means of epilation. Be sure to disinfect the skin after hair removal. This will help prevent the appearance of inflammation and partially reduce itchy sensations.

Imbalance of microorganisms

Why is it a private place inside? The cause of this phenomenon may be dysbiosis or thrush. Normally, a woman's vagina has an acidic environment - it helps protect the reproductive organs from the ingress of pathogens into them. Sometimes it happens that this balance is disturbed. Often this occurs after antibiotic therapy or past illness.

Treatment of this pathological process is carried out only after a preliminary examination. It usually consists of a smear. Correction includes antifungal therapy (“Pimafucin”, “Nystatin” and so on). After that, it is necessary to restore the balance of bacteria. In this case, doctors prescribe "Genferon", "Kipferon", "Linex" and other medicines.

Inflammation or infection of the genital tract

Why is it an intimate place inside women? The reason may be hiding in a disease that was acquired after sexual contact.If it was not cured in time, then the pathology becomes chronic. In this case, the woman feels itching in the region of the genital lips and vagina. Also observed unusual discharge with an unpleasant smell.why it is intimate inside

What to do in this case? For a start it is worth saying that it is simply impossible to fix the problem yourself. You need to visit a doctor and get the appropriate appointment. In most cases, the pathology is bacterial in nature and requires antimicrobial agents. However, they should be selected only after testing for the sensitivity of microorganisms. Restoration of microflora after this correction is a mandatory procedure.

Contraceptives are a common cause of itching.

Why is it intimate? Often the cause of this manifestation is contraception. A similar reaction can occur when using condoms, lubricants, oral hormonal agents, suppositories and vaginal tablets. To get rid of the problem, it is only necessary to change the method of protection from unwanted pregnancy. Before this you should consult a doctor.

What to do when itching occurs: self-treatment

Why women have itching intimate place, described above. In most cases, this symptom requires treatment to the doctor and correction. However, not many of the weaker sex follow these rules. Some women prefer to independently deal with the problem. In this case, they use folk remedies. Some recipes are presented to your attention.

  1. Take a sterile cotton swab. Prepare a disinfectant composition. To do this, you can use tools such as "Miramistin", "Chlorhexidine" and so on. Put five milliliters into the swab. After that, place the prepared medicine in the vagina for two hours.
  2. Prepare a decoction of chamomile. To do this, pour a glass of boiling water two tablespoons of dry grass. The resulting concentrate should be diluted with warm water in the ratio of one to five. It is necessary to sit in such a bath for ten minutes every evening.
  3. Soda solution perfectly cope with the itching caused by thrush. Take a glass of warm water and dissolve in it a tablespoon of white powder.Also add 5 grams of salt if there are cracks in the intimate area. Rinse the genitals regularly before going to bed.
  4. If you do not know why women have an intimate place for itching, then you can try to relieve the itch with a baby cream. After thoroughly rinsing, blot the genitals with a clean cloth and apply an emollient in a thin layer. Repeat the procedure until the symptoms disappear.

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You have become aware of why the girl’s intimate place itches. Photos of some drugs presented to your attention. Remember that in case of such symptoms it is worth to consult a doctor. Otherwise, the situation may be significantly aggravated. It happens that the patient is allergic from the wrong self-treatment. In this case, the symptoms do not disappear, but new ones appear. Good health to you!

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