Wise quotations of Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk is known to the world as the author whocreated the following provocative works: Fight Club, Lullaby, Choke, Invisible, Survivor. His books are read aloud, they are translated into all languages ​​of the world. Quotes of Chuck Palahnique impress with their sincere sincerity and deep penetration into people's lives. It is a writer-psychologist who knows how to feel and penetrate into destiny, into the whole variety of human relations. This article presents the most memorable quotes of Chuck Palahniuk. Every utterance contains vital wisdom and strength.

"If you do not share with your own experiences, then inwardly you do not want to delve into their difficulties"

What is Chuck Palanik talking about here?Quotes about life demonstrate his own attitude to the surrounding reality. The writer wants to convey to the readers the idea that in order to build strong and harmonious relations, one must be able to share their emotions, communicate important thoughts to the interlocutor.

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Mutual understanding begins with true acceptance andrespect. When people do not really hear and perceive the words of the interlocutor, they will not share their life's details, open their hearts to the words spoken. Quotes of Chuck Palahniuk in many ways resemble prophetic statements of a wise man who warns people about something. In order to achieve a good, productive interaction, one must learn to feel the interlocutor, adjust to a confidential conversation.

"In order to get closer to a person, you need to know about him the truth"

People can not become truly native ifthey have not learned how to effectively interact together. To achieve the state of true understanding, one must be able to trust, open the heart and soul. Only then is it possible that your partner will also meet you. This idea is voiced by Chuck Palanik. Quotes about the love he shows attentive to the partner, reflect the need to hear and perceive the needs of another.

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Convergence of people, as a rule, does not happen immediately.To achieve this result, you need to go through several stages. Interlocutors must necessarily come to mutual interest. Such rapprochement occurs during long conversations, during which people notice that they are well and easily communicate.

"Only by losing everything, we gain freedom"

Quotes of Chuck Palahniuk are always wise and concise,allow us to single out a deep thought. In order to get rid of prejudice, it is necessary to leave the familiar environment. Many for this purpose it is required to change work, the social status, a marital status, to get additional skills. Sometimes it seems to us that life is collapsing rapidly and we do not have time to change anything in it ourselves.

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This situation simply needs to be accepted so that itas soon as possible began to change for the better. Many, instead, begin to take a bunch of rash and meaningless steps that only harm the existing problem and do not allow it to be solved. It should be noted that the path to one's own individuality is not easy, requiring enormous work and considerable efforts. Only freedom forces the personality to develop, move forward, grow and develop inwardly. And I want to wish everyone such confidence.

"First, parents give life, and later they want to impose their vision on how to live it right"

Known 35 provocative quotes from Chuck Palahniukwould be incomplete without this remarkable and capacious statement. As a rule, the closest relatives always act out of good motives and do not notice that they do not have a very good effect on their own children. Parents should strive to maximize the child's individuality, allow him to live his own life. Instead, many, for quite understandable reasons, consider it their duty to instill in their child their values, understanding of reality and various limitations.

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Thus, Chuck Palanik is essentially a talented psychologist who is able to correctly notice the state of mind of people, their true motives, emotions and needs.

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