World of Warcraft: "The Cleansing of Stratholme" - features of the passage and recommendations

In the game, the location of Stratholme is actually a dungeon, calculated on the simultaneous passage of five players of the eightieth level. Its origin originates from the original mission from Warcraft 3. This time we have to fight side by side with the Prince of Lordaeron and literally deal with the purification of Stratholme, that is, to destroy all the people who were struck by the plague. This genocide is the very first dirty business that initiated the crimes of Arthas.

Stratholm Purification

In today's article we will talk about how to get into the dungeon of the "Purification of Stratholme" to activate the event. And also share tips that will help during the game.

Purification of Stratholme: How to launch a campaign?

In order to begin the passage of this quest, you must arrive on the continent of Kalimdor - this is where the location that interests us is located.The coordinates of this place also answer the question of where the "Purification of Stratholme" is located, because it is here, in Tanaris, that the Caverns of Time are located. We go directly there, we displace to the left and we see in front of itself the long street. We drive along it for some time and soon discover the main portal that opens the passage to the Stratholme Cave. "Purification" begins immediately after we penetrate inside.

A bit of the history of the Caverns of Time

The location is located in the east of Tanaris and looks like a system with portals that open aisles to various places and even important events. The Caverns of Time are in essence peculiar intersections that connect various time lines. It is for them and the movement.

Purification of the Stratholm where is located

The location also inhabits Rod Nozdormu - descendants of the Bronze Dragons Aspects, guardians of time. The only thing that motivates them is the defense of the Caves from mortals, since a possible invasion may initiate a change in the temporal flow. Not long ago, one of the attempts to break the current with the help of a mysterious force was made by the Infinite Dragons.

A bit of the history of Stratholme

At a time when the Second War raged on, the city was not only the second largest city of Lordaeron, giving first place only to the Capital, but also the largest port. It was located near the Lake Darrowmere, in the northeast side of it, and was developed thanks to the extraction of crude oil. His supplies could fuel the whole continent. After some time, several oil platforms and refineries stopped their work due to the fault of the Horde, which, as a result, cut off the supply to Kel Talas. Despite the fact that the residents managed to evacuate on time, the city itself was completely destroyed.

Dungeon Stratholm Purification

Stratholme became the site of the founding of the Order of the Silver Hand, and its first members, including Uther the Lightbringer, were anointed there. After the war was finally over, the city decided to donate a second wind, and soon restructuring was carried out in the northern part of the continent. About twenty-five thousand settlers moved to Stratholme, and before the Third War began, their lives proceeded in a calm manner.

With the advent of the new threat, this time from Prince Arthas, the city was once again in ruins.This phenomenon is called the "Purification of Stratholme." The survivors turned their eyes toward Kalimdor and hurried to escape, until the terrible fate touched them. After Arthas was called upon by Nerom Zul, Stratholme received the status of the capital of the Scourge.

Player's actions before the start of the campaign

Passage of the "Purification of Stratholme" begins with an introductory video that tells how the conflict of the Third War originated. We see Arthas leaving Uther’s mentor and his beloved Jaina, breaking all ties with both of them. After news of infected grain, he plans to go to the city with his army to wipe him off the face of the earth. To start the “Purification of Stratholme”, you need to arrive at the very center of the location and talk to Arthas.

Purification stratholm how to run

After activating the campaign

The first part of the passage sets us the task to fight with the advancing troops, with ten echelons. However, they do not pose a special danger and cannot inflict significant damage. Arthas will be located near the gate and will wait for the necessary moment until we have to make our way towards the elite troops.Our group will cross the whole streets of Stratholme, guided by the map and special marks.

Standard opponents

As we move through Stratholme, we will have to meet with ghouls, nekrorahnida and patchwork creatures. The latter are almost always supported by necromancers and novices. We recommend first striking wizards or golems and nekrorahnnidam, which have a special power. The easiest way to destroy the ghouls that are killed with spells for the weakest damage. Despite the general vulnerability, it is advisable to get rid of this type of enemies as quickly as possible, since wizards are annoyed with them.

Tactics of combat with the Meat Hook and Salramme the Plotter

How to get rid of the stratholm

In this part of the article we will talk about how to go through the "Purification of Stratholme", ​​and more specifically, how to cope with all the bosses that will meet on our way. There are four of them in this campaign.

The first boss, Meat Hook, will attempt to inflict damage on a random target and will inflict 12k in five seconds. In order to stand against such a pressure, it is desirable to have a good hiller in the team who can provide the necessary support to the injured hero in time.The most suitable tactic would be “tank spunk”, in which you must first ram the enemy, and then strike at him. Another unpleasant ability of the Meat Hook is the creation of a ticking cloud that takes up 1k or 1.5k and prohibits the use of any spell for four seconds. It is desirable for tanks to give equipment to high levels.

After defeating the Meat Hook, we will be attacked by several more detachments of enemies, from which we will have to fight back. There are no stops between the waves, so we are preparing to take on one influx after another. It is also worth noting that you can keep track of the places in which opponents will spawn - they are marked with the help of a checkbox on mini-maps. Thanks to this little hint, it is always clear which direction to go.

Dungeon Stratholm Purification

Salramm Plotrez is a necromancer, so we are preparing for the fact that during the battle we will be surrounded by bloodthirsty ghouls. It is necessary to get rid of them at a distance, as there is a chance that they will explode and cause sufficiently strong damage. We also make sure that the boss does not have time to impose a "channeling" on one of the heroes - this will increase the power of the blow by seventy-five percent. Our attacks, however, will noticeably suffer and, conversely, reduce their strength.Salramm Plotrez is a melee boss, so we use the appropriate heroes to defeat him.

Chronolord Epoch and Mal'Ganis

The third boss is quite simple in passing, so you can relax on it a little. If there is a desire to use the tank, then you should be careful, as the Chronolord Epoch likes to use its “debuff” on it. It is worthwhile to be afraid of temporary abilities, because of which the level of all spells, the speed of movements and the force of impacts decreases. Avoid these attacks and go through Chronolord without any difficulty. By the way, during this battle Arthas comes to our rescue.

After the victory, we again encounter the standard opponents of the Scourge, the massacre of which this time can be given into the hands of the future King.

Purification of the Stratholm Passage

The tactic of the battle with the last boss is also quite simple. We select a tank and with its help we keep Mal'Ganis with his back to the rest of the squad members. Thus, frontal attacks will not be able to hit all at once. All that should be wary of the remaining players is the telekinesis strikes that are released by the boss at the turns. We also remind about the vampire ability of Anatheron - after each hit Mal'Ganis will be able to make up for his health a little.

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