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Valery Osipov is a Soviet writer and screenwriter. According to his works, several films have been created, which few people today remember. Osipov's books were very popular in the sixties of the last century, because they glorified the feat of bright figures in Soviet history. Personal life and work of the prose writer is the topic of the article.

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about the author

Valery Osipov was a native Muscovite. He was born in 1930. After graduation, he entered the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University. For many years he worked in editorial offices of such leading editions as Pravda and Yunost.

Personal life

Fans of Soviet films surname thiswriter is associated not so much with the pictures to which he wrote the scripts, but rather with the name of a very famous actress. Valery Osipov, whose biography is closely connected with the domestic cinema, was married to Tatiana Samoilova. The actress is known, first of all, as a performer of the role of Anna Karenina and the main character in the lyrical film "The Cranes Are Flying."

Valery Osipov is a writer (photo presented inthis article), which once was extremely famous. His books were read by Soviet youth. The marriage with the movie star seemed happy. But the journalist died all alone. The marriage of the writer and actress lasted ten years. Osipov suffered from a serious illness that caused the childlessness of the spouses. Samoylova parted with the screenwriter, which, according to memoirs and memories, she was sorry for the rest of her days.

In 1987, the writer discovered an oncological disease. A few months later, Valery Osipov died. The Soviet screenwriter in Moscow was buried.

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"The Secret of the Siberian Platform"

Geologists in the Soviet era were consideredrepresentatives of the heroic profession. About them films were made and books were written. He praised in one of his works the feat of the geologist and writer Osipov. In 1958 he wrote an essay on the discovery of Yakut diamonds. About the deposit of precious stones there are many stories. What is true in them, and what idle fiction, is unknown. However, Osipov's book is a detailed documentary and artistic composition, which tells about the searches and discoveries of diamonds. The creation of this work was preceded by a trip to Yakutia.

In the cold regions, Osipov went ascorrespondent of the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. The writer did not confine himself to simple observation. During his stay in Yakutia, he sought to penetrate deeper into the life of geologists, took part in research. In a word, he led the way of life of a full-fledged employee of a geological organization.

In 1959, according to the book The Secret of the Siberian Platform, a film was shot. In the film the main roles were played by Tatiana Samoilova and Innokenty Smoktunovsky.

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Other books

Among the figures that inspired such exemplaryideological point of view of writers, like Valery Osipov, was, of course, Vladimir Ulyanov. In 1972, the novel "April" was published. The book tells of the good and honest terrorists of the Ulyanovs who plan to kill the autocrat at the beginning of the last century. Such a crime, according to the people's heroes, is capable of leading the country out of darkness and poverty.

Most of Osipov's works are devoted tohistorical and revolutionary theme. Such books include "Snowdrop", "Acceleration", "Story in telegrams". The writer created a series of works on revolutionaries, which included the story written in 1972, "The river is born of streams." This work is also dedicated to Vladimir Ulyanov's brother Alexander.

One of the last novels of Osipov - "I'm looking forchildhood". In this book the author tells about the early years of representatives of the Moscow working youth. One of the central motifs of the work of art is the hero's struggle with greed and philistinism.

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