Biography of Yulia Akhmedova

Yulia Oktaevna Akhmedova - actress of comedy roles, creative producer and participant in a comic show on the television channel THT brand new show StandUp, ex-captain of the KVN team "25th" Voronezh State University of Architecture and Construction.
Comedian Julia AkhmedovaComedian Julia Akhmedova
Along with other authors, the girl wrote scripts for the sitcom “Univer”, performed and was engaged in producing the show Comedy Women, was a guest of the new TNT project “Improvisation”, whose releases are different from others due to the lack of a script, which makes them completely unpredictable, brilliant and exclusive.
She became famous for jokes and monologues about the relationship of men and women. Many viewers were sympathetic to the image of an unmarried, pessimistic and visiting psychologist woman in 30, in which a comedian acted, and also liked the opportunity to distract from routine daily affairs, relieve accumulated emotional stress and laugh at simple human problems along with positive, open and talented humorist.

Childhood and family of Yulia Akhmedova

The future Russian KVNschits and stand-up comedian was born in the Kyrgyz city of Kant, located 20 kilometers from Bishkek. Together with her younger sister Sasha, she was 8 years old, she grew up in the family of a serviceman, a pilot who served at a military airfield in the vicinity of their campus. By nationality, he was an Azerbaijani born in Baku. There is practically no information about Yulia’s mother.
Julia Akhmedova as a child with familyJulia Akhmedova as a child with family
It is known that very strict rules reigned in their family. Since childhood, the eldest daughter was distinguished by maximalism, self-criticism, extreme straightforwardness, demanding of herself and others. In general, Julia had a strong character, was athletic (was fond of skis) and very artistic (was engaged in dancing).
Having matured, she never hesitated to be frank, and, thanks to the comic gift, she did everything incredibly feminine and subtle, striking others with unexpected actions and high intelligence.
Yulia Akhmedova’s height 178 cmYulia Akhmedova’s height 178 cm
The comedian admitted that from an early age she was actively interested in social and environmental issues, she intended to become a milkmaid in order to live in harmony with the surrounding nature, away from megalopolises, by eating healthy food grown on the earth.In accordance with personal moral principles, she also became a vegetarian.

Yulya Akhmedova and KVN

After graduating from school in 1999, the girl went to Voronezh, where she entered the Architectural and Construction State University. In addition to good study, she was able to find time to reveal her talent as a comedian, to develop abilities for humor, grotesque, satire, irony, participating in KVN.
From 2003 to 2012, Julia led the 25th university team, named after the audience in which the games were being rehearsed. She performed together with such well-known KVN players as Dmitry Shpenkov from the staff of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, playing with him scenes of confrontations between a woman and a man, as well as Ruslan Bely from the Seventh Heaven team, with whom she developed especially friendly relations. Often she appeared on the Comedy Club stage.
Yulya Akhmedova in KVN
Having received a diploma of graduation from VGASU, Akhmedova entered the second level of higher professional education, the magistracy, the promising specialty “energy saving”. But in the future, the desire to amuse people won over the intention to fight the depletion of natural resourcesand the girl decided to link life with creativity in a comedy genre. In 2005, she moved to Moscow permanently.
Julia Akhmedova and the Stand UP teamJulia Akhmedova and the Stand UP team
In 2008, the purposeful and persistent comedian continued to play in KVN and led her team to the Premier League. In the same period, she began to work with the television channel THT. Assessing her talent as a humorist, the girl was invited to become one of the screenwriters of the popular TV series Univer. Later, she became a member of the new comedy show Comedy woman.

Personal life of Yulia Akhmedova

Charismatic comedian is not yet married, as suggested in the media, because of the large employment at work - there is no time to get acquainted with anyone. The girl does not make tragedy out of this situation, does not fall into a state of inferiority, but, on the contrary, often jokes about it, retains its vitality and does not focus on her loneliness. She hopes to meet her soul mate in the future, give her heart to the one who appreciates it, and create a strong family.
To the questions of journalists about her attitude to office romances, Yulia’s answer is always negative. Moreover, all residents of the Stand Up project, with which the comedian's creative path is connected, are men younger than her.And this circumstance, from the point of view of the girl, is an insurmountable obstacle to building serious relationships. The only potential candidate for her husband in the team is Ruslan Bely, an unmarried and mature man, but she, allegedly, perceives him exclusively as a friend.
Ruslan Bely and Yuliya Akhmedova are just friendsRuslan Bely and Yuliya Akhmedova are just friends
Yulia, the only representative of the weaker sex in the show, likes to work and create in a friendly male environment. However, she advocates gender equality and equality of women and men in society and before the law. She considers life and a person to be the main theme of her stand-up, on which you can endlessly joke.

Yulya Akhmedova today

In 2012, having already become famous, in practice having proved her high intellect and iron will, the actress of the satirical genre was appointed the creative producer of the Comedy woman program. She was also invited to her new project Stand Up by her old friend Ruslan Bely. At first she became a co-producer of the program, and on the day of her 30th birthday she went on stage.
Yulya Akhmedova in Stand Up
Her repertoire as a stand-up comic included brilliant monologues on sharp and relevant topics, jokes and improvisations with the audience.According to the girl, who is successfully looking for herself in gum, their project has accelerated the development in this country of this entertaining genre, containing dances, music, dramatized sketches, and original comedian tricks.

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