"Zack and Cody are all type-top": actors in life and cinema

A typical multi-part film "All type-top, orThe life of Zak and Cody "won the hearts of not only American TV viewers, but also found admirers among our audience, and especially liked teenagers. And this is logical, since the main roles in the series are performed by the twins, who at the time of shooting the first season was 12 years old As you know, this is the age when you can hooligan and mischief without fear of being severely punished.

The plot of the film "All type-top, or Life of Zak and Cody"

The main characters Zach and Cody Martin -twin brothers, who by chance had to live in a modern luxury hotel "Tip-Top", where their mother works. Practically the whole life of the boys is centered around the hotel and its employees. Except for some scenes in the school and short-term stories in other public institutions.

Zak - mischief and badass, very often showsselfish and negligent teenager. Zak is the first born who was born 10 minutes before his brother. Taking into account this fact, he constantly uses it in his relationship with his brother.

Cody is a more calm, intelligent and moderately communicative boy. Has a more flexible nature than his brother, so often falls under his influence. Cody has a girlfriend named Barbara.

The twin mother, Carrie, played by Kim Rhodes, rarely appears in the film.

zak and coda all type top actors

Twins are excellent and believable play a roleboys with the names Zack and Cody. "All type-top" (the actors in this film are laid out in full) shows an interesting story with elements of subtle English humor.

In the film there are also two girls. It can not be said that they play the leading roles, but it is difficult to attribute them to secondary ones, since their relationship with the twin brothers is closely related to the main plot of the series.

London (the daughter of the founder of the hotel "Tip-Top") -is capricious and, like most young girls, likes to dress in fashion, while all her clothes are exclusively author's. In the series the girl conducts her personal online show "Aye, yes I!" And, like the guys, has her own personal number in the hotel. The role of London is played by Brenda Song.

Maddy (or Miranda Catherine Fitzpatrick) - playsthe role of the seller of sweets at the hotel. But throughout the series and performs episodic roles. The heroine, played by the actress Ashley Tisdale, is clever, beautiful, hardworking, not spoiled. Maddy - the closest friend of London, who sometimes still prefers to consider her a servant, kind and sympathetic, forgives everything to her friend and tries not to pay attention to offenses. Zach is infinitely in love with Maddy.

In each series in the walls of the hotel the children get into funny, sometimes extremely ridiculous situations, from which help their friends - employees of the hotel - get out.

Plumber Arvin, corridor Esteban, doorman Normann, Muriel (maid), waiter Patrick, manager Mr. Mosby and other minor characters successfully complement the colorful play of the main characters.

The film with the interesting name "Zach and Cody is all type-top", whose actors in the performance of roles are very organic, will reveal to you new sensations from viewing.

all type of top or life order and coding

Seasons of the series about Zach and Cody

  • The first season was shot in the period from 2004 to 2005 (26 episodes).
  • The second season was filmed in the interval from May 2005 to August 2006 (39 episodes).
  • The final third season was created between February and August 2007. Includes 22 series.

The twin brothers Zach and Cody ("All type-top"): actors in movies and real life

The brothers Cole and Dylan were born in 1992 in the city of Arezzo (Italy). At birth, the boys were given double names - the elder Nivali Dylan Thomas Sprous, the full name of the younger - Cole Mitchell Sprouse.

Five years later, the parents filed for divorce, and by decision of the court the boys stayed with their father and stepmother.


About the personal life of twins in childhood is not enoughit is known. Their first debut in the world of cinema was the game in the movie "Big Daddy", in which Dylan and Cole played the role of the same movie hero (the US legislative framework has restrictions on the length of time for shooting for the child, so very often the children's roles directors invite twins .)

After that, the brothers played a few moresecondary roles. But the fame came to them after shooting a multi-series film "The Life of Zak and Cody." By the way, the film has one more name - "Zak and Cody: life overboard".

Actors currently

Now the brothers live in Los Angeles with theirfather and stepmother. In 2010, both twins went to study in the "School of Individual Education", which allows their students to plan their own program in the chosen direction.

Cole Sprous chose a program to develop archeology, while Dylan opted for the design of video games.

kim kins

Dylan Sprouse: Interesting Features

  • Dylan Sprous, who played the role of Zach in the seriesMartin, like in the film, was born before his brother with one difference - in the movie Zach older Cody for 10 minutes, in real life, the twins were born with an interval of 15 minutes.
  • In 2010, Dylan launched the site Sprouse Arts, which to this day lays photos of works of art created by his hands.
  • Dylan was named after the writer Dylan Thomas.

Ashley Tisdale

Cole: interesting facts from life

  • Cole Sprous is a younger twin brother, if I may say so.
  • A young man in his spare time is fond of photo art. For these purposes, in 2011 Cole Sprous launched a blog Cole Sprouse Photography, where you can see his author's work.
  • Cole was named after the jazz singer Nathan King Cole.

In the series "Zack and Cody are all type-top"the twin actors, like other participants, play their roles with ease and ease. You can see another picture with the participation of brothers, whose name is "How horrible!". In the film, the brothers play themselves, and in 2016 came out the film Dismissed with Cole Sprous in the title role.

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